Security Policy: Hipaa

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Security Policy: Hipaa


A correctly supervised database, if you could help the hospital to fulfill its mission: 

  • Hospital treatments costs would be stored in the database to compare costs with other hospitals.
  • Doctors could obtain the important information immediately, by having the electronically clinical data of each patient.
  • the creation of a historical record of the treatments that are supplied and carry a more specific accounting.
  • the accounting of the patient’s waiting duration, as well as the daily costs of the patients.


How Mountain View Community Hospital can you use database technology to comply with the Health Safety Standards Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Hipaa) 1996?

Hipa’s privacy rule addresses the storage, access and exchange of medical information and personnel of any person, while Hipa’s security rule describes more specifically national safety standards to protect the health data created, received, received,maintained or electronically transmitted, also known as Electronic Protected Health Information (Ephi).

If you house your data with a hipa -compatible accommodation provider, they must have certain administrative, physical and technical safeguards, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. UU. Physical and technical safeguards are more relevant to the services provided by their Hipa -compatible host as detailed below, with details about what constitutes a data center compatible with hypaa.

Physical safeguards include limited access and control to facilities, with authorized access instead. All covered entities, or companies that must comply with Hipa, must have policies on the use and access to work stations and electronic media. This includes transfer, deleting, eliminating and reusing electronic media and electronic protected health information (Ephi) .

Technical safeguards require access control to allow only authorized ones to access protected health data. Access control includes the use of unique user identifications, an emergency access procedure, automatic and encryption and deciphered session closure.

Audit reports, or monitoring records must be implemented to keep activity records in hardware and software. This is especially useful to identify the source or cause of any security violation.

Technical policies must also cover integrity controls or established measures to confirm that Ephi has not been altered or destroyed. Disaster recovery and backup outside the site are key to ensure that any error or failure of electronic media can be remedied rapidly and that patient’s health information can be recovered precisely and intact.

The safety of the network or transmission is the latest technical protection required of the hosts that comply with Hipa to protect against unauthorized public access to Ephi. This refers to all data transmission methods, whether email, internet or even through a private network, such as a private cloud.

Yes, Mountain View Community Hospital can use database technology to comply with the safety standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Hipaa) of 1996

What are some of the costs and risks of the use of databases that the hospital must handle carefully?

The hospital must be administered some of the costs and risks of using the database because in a labor market, there is a shortage of skills such as database designer and the database administrator. Without the specific faculty, it creates a risk to administer the database. Installation and administration expenses include software update and the installation of the database and hardware. The translation cost includes the conversion cost of an earlier application in a database environment. Instead of converting the hospital you can choose a new system. There is a need for support and recovery because framework expenses are related to these strategies.

How could the hospital use web -based applications?

Mountain View Hospital could use applications based on the web in several ways.

• Web -based internet applications use an intranet applications to access databases.

• The extranet application is used for third -party billing with insurance companies for the hospital to examine the application.

• The online application allows access to the medical database and the prescription drug database.


The main advantage of web -based application is the reorganization that is practiced as a third party billing and disadvantage is security. If network safety allows the unauthorized user, the data available on the Internet create the security problem.   

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