San Anselmo De Canterbury

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San Anselmo de Canterbury


Eugenio Moleca, the story of the life of San Anselmo has reached us in the most authentic and reliable way, through a disciple of his, a companion on his trips and witness of most of the things he has or heard histeacher. Italian philosopher originally from Aosta which was born in the 1033 most recognized for having been archbishop for a few years in this city at age 15 this character tried to enter a monastery, but I do not succeed, since his father had other plans for theAfter some time he revealed himself and at the age of 27 he managed to enter a monastery where he wrote two of his works:

The monologion: theological-philosophical meditation on the reasons of faith, where he presents some evidence of the existence of God, typical of the Augustinian tradition, and the proslogion: where we find the so-called ‘ontological argument’, which constitutes the most contributionOriginal of San Anselmo to medieval philosophy.


His fundamental concerns were religious and spiritual was considered the father of scholasticism his teachings were based on meditation which justified the existence of God his main point of discussion was faith and reason which led him to him that many of hisQuestions will remain without answering because of faith they happen miracles, but reason prevents menEven so, this argument did not avoid the rejection of philosophers like Kant. Since the fact of believing that something exists does not explain its existence. Above all this happens when it occurs in a person’s mind, not in reality.

The argument used by San Anselmo is based on establishing a correlation between ideas and reality. It is for all this argument that was welcome by philosophers such as René Descartes and Gottrifled Wilhelm.

The reason to faith should not be put before. However, not using the use of reason was negligence. 


  • By reexamining work, I have not been able to find anything that I have said in it, that does not match the writings of Catholic parents and especially those of the blessed Augustine
  • Even if I didn’t want to believe in you, I can’t stop understanding that you exist.
  • Come on, little man! Flee for a time of your tasks, scare yourself for a small space of the agitation of your thoughts.
  • Come, put aside your painful care and leave aside your jobs
  • For a moment, dedicate your time to God and rest for a moment in it.
  • Enter the inner chamber of your mind, close all things, except God and everything that can help you seek God;and having blocked the door of your camera, look for it.
  • Speak now, oh my heart, oh my whole heart, speak now and give your God: my face looked for you: your face, oh Lord, I will look for.


He saw that the easiest way to continue spreading philosophy was to form philosophical disciplines with which they could intellectually liveThis began his emerging philosophy commenting to Aristotle’s books in his original treaties

Another valuable sample of the depth of his thinking is that through its precision that the creature is a being for participation, a compound being, it is necessarily reached the real distinction of essence and existence, as pointed out by Manser in the essence of the essence of theTomismo.

Another example of this is that I get to distinguish with so much unity the domains of philosophy and lodge, a doctrinal conquest that however was not exploited at the dawn of the Middle Ages and that it would only be four centuries later. Boecio faces the problem of universals in the line of Aristotle, accepting that they are aspects of individual things abstracted by the mind.

This philosopher dedicated his works to extreme poverty

Called Prince of Nominalists He gave life to this philosophical system called Nominalist, since he abandoned the main ideas and began to take his own criteria and his own ideas one of the most important metaphysics of his time and stood out for his methodological theory

Ockham was at the University of Oxford until 1321 and in the Franciscan Convent of London between 1321 and 1324. In 1323, he was called to explain his theory of the relationship to the provincial chapter of Cambridge Logical writings such as the super porphyrium exhibition, the super -librum praedicamentorum exhibition, the exhibition superduos perihermeneias books and the exhibition superduos books castrum would date1318.

Vanegas Carvajal, Edgar Alonso Ockham must have entered the Franciscan order very young, founded by Francisco de Asís in 1209, as he entered the convent of the minors in Oxford, headquarters of the most important English university, belonging to the diocese of Lincoln.

His ideas became very quickly the object of controversy


Pioneer of nominalism, some consider Ockham the father of modern epistemology and modern philosophy in general, due to their strict argument that only individuals exist, rather than universals, essences or supra -individual forms, and that universals are productof the abstraction of individuals by the human mind and have no existence outside it. His thesis on the difference between the universal and the particular (the universal, he said, only exists in the human mind) applied it to religion, and therefore is considered a precursor to the separation between reason and faith. To know God, according to Ockham, only faith can serve. He was moving away from Tomás de Aquinas, a supporter of combining philosophy and theology.

In his reasoning he made frequent use of the principle of economics », although he did not write the phrase attributed to him: entity non sunt multiply praeter necessaryChristianity and philosophy, leading to a separation between reason and faith, where philosophy gains independence, while theology. According to him, neither the existence of God nor the divine can be demonstrated.

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