Revenge Because Of Betrayal In The Work Hamlet, Author William Shakespeare

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Revenge because of betrayal in the work Hamlet, author William Shakespeare


Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare and first represented in 1603. The work revolves around the events of Hamlet’s life, begins with the presence of the shadow of King Hamlet which awakens a thirst for revenge in his son Hamlet because he reveals that King Claudio was the one who murdered him. Hamlet to verify that his uncle was the one who murdered his father decidesthrone. At the end of the work the main themes are shown which are: revenge and death because Hamlet and Laertes agree a duel, in which Laertes uses an poisoned sword and manages to hurt Hamlet and in turn suffers a cut with his own sword, so it also poisons, then Queen Gertrudis drinks an poisoned wine for Hamlet but he forces King Claudio to also take it. Before Hamlet dies he decides to do justice by telling his loyal friend Horacio to reveal the truth and grant the throne of Denmark to Fortimbrás because his father was stolen from territories.

Contextually, the work is located in the Elizabethan and Jacobin period in which England was a weak state with little population and quite poor, but in the seventeenth century it became a world power. This is where the Renaissance movement that focuses on the return of the classical Greco -Roman culture that is located in the field of arts, thought and European philosophy arises.

In conclusion, William Shakespeare in his work Hamlet wantsHe acts and changes his attitude as the case of Prince Hamlet, who is melancholic for the death of his father King Hamlet and this character despite the fact that he achieved his revenge also motivates us to fight for justice.

Is the betrayal and death of King Hamlet the determinants to form the character of Prince Hamlet’s vindict of Hamlet’s work?

Key episode: Act 1

This chapter begins with the death of the king of Denmark and his brother Claudio climbs to the throne, after this Prince Hamlet learns through his father’s ghost who was his murderer and reveals that he was his uncle Claudio. Hamlet through the situation decides to take revenge but before doing so he should be sure that his uncle Claudio was the murderer, then he hires a theater company so that they do a play reflecting the death of their father, Hamlet at the end of the work discovershis repentant uncle of what he did and begins to plan a revenge towards him. From this moment Hamlet changes his attitude towards his mother and his uncle.

We can notice how these factors influenced Hamlet becoming a vindictive man who did not mind killing his uncle at the end of the work because he forces him to take an poisoned wine, but Hamlet before he died decides to do justice and return the throne of DenmarkTo Fortímbras.

The theater Hamlet, was written and published in 1603 by the acclaimed English playwright William Shakespeare. It is a tragedy where his characters are subjected from the beginning to death since Prince Hamlet decides to collect revenge for the death of his father, which is why the protagonist characters are destined to die. There is some injustice in the work and betrayal by the antagonist of the work which is King Claudio and also guilty of a tragic outcome. You can believe that ancient playwrights as in this case William Shakespeare, used revenge and betrayal as main themes so that their theatrical works end up being tragic.

Hamlet is a work of five acts, it has a linear structure since the order of the actions or events of the work are happening in a followed way. Hamlet in his own title tells us that he will have a plot about Hamlet’s life and effectively the work revolves around the events of Prince Hamlet’s life.

Revenge is a very criticized issue for society today, in Hamlet this issue is one of the main ones for the reason that when human beings are made, we only seek to replenish that damage caused by another individual or group. William Shakespeare in his work Hamlet in act one scene two, in the part where Queen Gertrudis looks for her son because she is worried about her change in attitude, Prince Hamlet says: “What I carry inside is not expressed:others is a clothing … ”(Shakespeare, 2003) .In this phrase Hamlet tries that his mother knows the reason for his attitude and in saying a “clothes” he refers to the fact that he is hidden as the revenge he is planning to his uncle King Claudio because his own uncle took his life fromHis father to obtain the throne of Denmark and have Queen Gertrudis as his wife.

Act 2

All those around the palace begin to notice the madness of Prince Hamlet which adopts an attitude that is not inherent in him and this attracts everyone’s attention, but this personality change is part of a revenge planned by him. Due to this behavior, King Claudio and Queen Gertrudis hire comedians to remove Prince Hamlet from that deep depression and madness.

Act 3

Hamlet decides to do a play to see the behavior of his uncle King Claudio in order to be convinced that he was the one who killed his father King Hamlet, notes that at the end of the work King Claudio regrets and begins to pray,At this moment Hamlet wanted to take advantage to fulfill his revenge but he resists and does not do so. Then he is called by the Queen to talk about an issue that is bothering the king who is his change of attitude so insignificant and melancholic. Hamlet is enraged and the queen feels threatened since she starts screaming and Polidonium comes to help her but Hamlet thinks she is King Claudio so she decides to kill him. In this part, it can be evidencetelling him to keep the secret.

Act 4

After the event of the death of Polonius and Ofelia, another revenge is reflected but this time by Laertes who was the son of Polonio and brother of Ofelia who committed suicide when he learned that his father had died. Laertes next to the king plan the death of Prince Hamlet, placing in a poison sword and if that failed King Claudio would have saved a glass with poisoned wine. The poison has a fundamental part in the work because it symbolizes the disloyalty, falsehood, death and thirst for revenge.

Act 5 

The duel that Hamlet has with Laertes is described in which the two endWilliam Shakespeare’s play is recognized as a tragedy. Before Hamlet died, he decides to do justice by telling his loyal friend Horacio to tell everyone the truth and that Denmark’s throne is returned to Fortímbras.

The work is a tragedy because it meets the necessary conditions to be as are: death and a tragic end, falsehood, injustice and heartbreak. Hamlet is a victim of his destiny, when looking for revenge, he does not realize that revenge implies not only evil towards the other person but also the suffering of those around him, in this work all the leading characters end up dying and everything receivesA revenge that not only ends with others but with himself. The falsehood and injustice is shown with the death of King Hamlet since his own brother King Claudio is killing him always showing himself as an ambitious, hypocritical, unfair and full of falsehood person. The heartbreak is shown by Ofelia and Hamlet because they were in love but they were always manipulated by what others said and they could never have something, but Ophelia was the one who rejected Hamlet due to what her father Polonio told her about the prince about the prince. This part refers to the fact that most human beings get carried away by others regardless of what we really want, after those bad or good advice we realize the best when it is too late and we regret.

In act five, nine Hamlet scene before I die says: "Give me that cup … I lend … I ask you for God. Oh! Dear Horacio! If this remains hidden, what a reputation spot I will leave after my death! If you ever gave me place in your heart, it delays that happiness that you feel like;For some time the tiring life in this world full of miseries, and disseminates my story … what military crash is this?… ”(Shakespeare, 2003) This last dialogue of Prince Hamlet expresses how he was feeling, he did not want to be remembered as a bad person for that reason Horacio asks him to reveal what happened in the Denmark Palace and all the injustices that occurredAmong the family, since it was the only loyal one who had in his fatigue life and emphasizes that it is a world full of miseries.

William Shakespeare’s dramatic style and character is energetic, dark and redundant, which serves him to express and describe passions as the love Hamlet felt by Ofelia, the defects of the human being as King Claudio who hadSeveral defects such as being ambitious and false who comes to kill his own brother to achieve his objectives, also Prince Hamlet who awakens his thirst for revenge becoming a melancholic and indifferent being in front of the people around him and reflects on thelife.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet work makes us reflect how important loyalty is showing at the beginning of the work the death of King Hamlet which is betrayed by his brother who takes the throne of Denmark that is King Claudio, it can be said thatDue to the lack of loyalty he ends up taking his own poison, but instead Horacio a faithful and loyal friend of Prince Hamlet gives us an important value, that of never being unfair, supporting his friend until death.

Finally, we can conclude that the doubtful existence of justice, which forces revenge because of betrayal is present at all times in the work because the death of the leading characters is the consequence of the injustice and betrayal that is derivedFor a revenge. William Shakespeare shows us the different faces of the world, in which we cannot even trust the family, we show us the nature of being humbo and also invites us to fight for justice because it is apparently easier to find a revenge than learning than learningTo forgive.


  1. Shakespeare, w. (2003). Hamlet. Guayaquil: Virtual Library

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