Presentation Of The School Uniform

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Presentation of the school uniform


The uniform plays a very important role in the identity of a certain profession in this essay we will specifically talk about the importance of the nursing uniform and the relationship that this has with nonverbal communication. It is important to know the context of the importance of the uniform in nursing since the beginning of this discipline, the uniform has had a very important value and impact due to what it projects or symbolizes, since ancient times the uniform has been used to identify and thus be able to distinguishof other health professionals.


The uniform is not only part of the identity of the nurses, but that this is also important because it is used as a tool for protection against agents that could cause diseases that is why this has to be carried in the proper way to thusto be able to identify and protect yourself as a nursing professional. Each part that forms the nursing uniform has a meaning and this will contribute some professional, work and social recognition or impact.

If you see a person on the street walking with the uniform used by nurses or nurses you will know how common sense that is a nurse. The uniform can be part of the social construct of nurses, since society has assigned that recognition or characteristic. The cofia is white and has a symbol of honor, and authority is used as a means of hair protection and preventing it from falling into the nurse’s work area, however, it also has a great social and work impact, sinceIn the cofia small tapes are placed according to him academic degree that you have and thus be able to distinguish yourself from the rest, the cofa brings identity and belonged. 

The lamp has the meaning of clarity and light in knowledge and acting as to the care provided to the user, this symbol took importance thanks to Florence Nightingale, since she during the Crimean War visited the soldiers using a lamp. The cape, this symbolizes the responsibility that a nurse has acquired due to the care, patience and love that must be taken when caring for a patient. The nursing uniform projects respect, cleanliness, sincerity and neatness which has a great impact on patients who, since if a nurse properly carries the uniform, it will provide greater confidence. 

The relationship that the nursing uniform has with nonverbal communication is that it is not necessaryHe has contributed that recognition to the nurses thanks to his uniform. The uniform also gives sense of belonging and identity, since when carrying it they recognize you as a nurse and that has to do with nonverbal communication, since you do not go around the world saying that you are nurse on the contrary to use the uniform gives you thatsense of belonging. 

All individuals characterize ourselves by having something that differentiates us from others and that makes us unique and allows us to have social identity etc. For example, our name is the same in terms of nursing uniform is something that characterizes nurses and makes them unique. Physical appearance is a type of nonverbal communication and this is closely related to the importance of the uniform, since physical appearance refers to it as you look and when using the uniform you will express your identity as a professional. 

The nursing uniform has great weight in the perception that the patient will have towards you, wearing the uniform will provide security and tranquility. Nonverbal communication is one that in which words are not used as a system to express themselves, so it is made use of objects, gestures, sounds, movements and other paralinguistic elements. It is important to know the concept of nonverbal communication in order to understand the issue that is being discussed. 

Communication has to be effective between the nurse and the patient, since if the communication is not caused, barriers can be caused, which limits the interaction between these two characters, I think that communication is not only to speak (exchange words). Especially in this essay we focus on nonverbal communication, so the uniform is a fundamental part of the nonverbal communication between the nurse and the patient. Since if the nurse incorrectly carries the uniform what will transmit to the patient is insecurity and this will limit the nurse’s performance and consequently the health or recovery of the patient will be affected.


 The uniform plays an important role in the interaction between the patient and health personnel. Sometimes we can minimize the impact of the use of the uniform and that is why we do not take care of the details when using the uniform, we see it as something unimportant, however, when making this test, I visualized and analyzes the importance of the correct use of the uniform.

Since not using it correctly can cause barriers or limitations in the interaction between the patient and the health personnel in this case nurses and nurses. The uniform must be used properly, since it gives identity and social recognition. Society plays an important role in this issue of the uniform, since I think this has been the one that has given us recognition and social identity, since as the nurses are mentioned above, the nurses are part of a social construct, that is, of something that hascreated society.

Society has created an idea of how nurses are and this is in the same way involved in the uniform and nonverbal communication nurses are characterized by being very neat and improperly carrying their uniform which has conferred great recognitionand social respect. In the same way I consider important to instill the use of the uniform since it is a student, since it is something you use during almost your whole life as a professional and you must use it correctly in order to have an effective nonverbal interaction with patients or users.

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