Poverty In Foreign Immigrants From Spain

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Poverty in foreign immigrants from Spain


Poverty, a term that everyone knows but when talking about it turns their heads to the side. This concept, in summary, is based on the shortage of resources to subsist, although for many it is a synonym for ‘fear’ and for others it is simply the day to day.

I want to focus on those people on which poverty is part of their life; how they live, under what conditions and above all why. Is there any way to advance in the socio-economic scale or should you simply be part of conformism? These people are immigrants, legal or not, who live in Spain and in which capitalism and social policies affect both positive and negatively, since wash their hands in an issue that does not affect the majority (or in case of companies, for example, does not affect oneself) is a common fact that is known but you don’t want to recognize.

It is necessary to know that both poverty and social inequalities are going to be part of this world always since it has been more time than any human being would want to imagine, but does not take away the fact that we are culpritable to created such a difference between people, letting ourselves be carried away by selfishness, greed and zeros figures on the right in the accounts; Well total, who matters but me?

With the following I want their eyes to open their eyes, the day to day of these people whose lives have not been able to be as fortunate as the vast majority could be said and that they are belittled in the worst possible way because of their conditions: be immigrant and be poor.


Many of the immigrants, if not most flee from their countries looking for a better life, a better economy; Not only for them but for nearby people around them such as a child, the family in general, friends … and yet with the degrading conditions in which they settle in Spain they remain better than in their country of origin.

A great proportion of these citizens live in overcrowding. This is an agglomeration of people where, for example, in a house designed for a maximum of four inhabitants in it, there are three hundred people very considerably exceeding the limits of their design; hindering coexistence, mobility and the basics and necessary to live under a roof. This is simple, of everything someone can enjoy by having a place called home (tranquility, personal space, privacy) they do not possess it.

This fact can take place both in the city center and on the outskirts although it is more common to locate the outskirts of the city or fences areas of the countryside. That it is commonly given there is related to another aspect and it is, as Martínez Veiga says well. (1999: 20): “… It consists of the fact that homes in the most remote rural areas often constitute entry ports for immigrants when they arrive in the country, so that they are staying there- sometimes even without pay some time- until they get a little money and settle a little better.”Likewise, which is located in those areas, it gives entry to work in the field, which we will talk about later.

Despite this, not all immigrants live in overcrowding but therefore they do not get rid of abusive deals. Another place where they are usually hosting are housing built decades whose structure is in decline.

The owner of a house whose value has dropped over the years due to its wear, careless and that has become obsolete because the tenants have decided to go to a more modern home, take advantage of the situation of immigrants. And how do you do it? Well, you will see, being a less wealthy class and say with less knowledge of the market inflict prices. This excessive payment would not be carried out by wealthy people because the home is not worth it, but because of the need of these other people they put the highest rental and, clearly, without reforming or enabling the house. That is, if there is a malfunction in the electric current, the owner will not fix it so the tenant is paying more due to very low conditions of the house. This is a clear fact of discrimination towards these people knowing their situation and their economy because otherwise it would not give rise to this type of events.

In this case, despite being discriminatory it does not matter because this discrimination brings with it financial profits for the lessor and advancing on the scale, to the economy of the company that takes the case and so on until reaching the top of the economy of the economy from the country. Therefore, these occasions are not frequently seen in news and newspapers because they are not of public interest.

People who see the news are intended to inform themselves, if misfortunes do not incumbent them particularly better. Even so, these media only look for reproductions and visits, so they separate cases and issues that they know is not going to have an impact. And if they do, they make it up in such a way to give it the least possible importance even if the situation is quite serious. Well, as we know, not all news are real and many others are false.

If we investigate a little more about this discrimination, in this racism; It can be deduced that it is a case of exclusion. Not only social, but political and important, in the work sector.

Regarding the social aspect, I have to discern with Martínez Veiga (1999: 25) where it defines social exclusion as the lack of access to social services such as study or health. In my view and at the time of evolution, of awareness that we are living, this type of exclusion is not about their privatization to these services but to the treatment they give in these places. (I am forced to clarify that not in all places and not all people have to be so or receive that treatment, but it is something that I must mention in this text because it continues to see more frequently than one would expect). With this I mean that there are still bullying to Latin American children for not being from Spain or that doctors and nurses take longer to serve people with foreign documentation than one of Spanish nationality as soon as they should be attended by order of arrival or emergency If necessary.

Continuing with social exclusion, and the latter to mention about this type, it is also very common to find that foreigners and nationals do not live together but that there is a segregation where you can see that a neighborhood live mostly African or American immigrants. It is important to know that this event does not occur only with the races that until a few decades ago were considered inferior, but with "the foreign white race". You can see perfectly how there are streets in Marbella full of Germans or Americans, while others such as La Cañada de la Death, Melilla there are Muslims. The difference is the type of housing, since while the Germans enjoy their stay in well -furnished chalets and floors, Muslims live in houses degraded by the years where many of them have no roof. And I know by good hand.

Another is the political exclusion where Marshall (1964) states that citizens are formed by three categories of rights: the first for civil rights, the second is constituted by politicians and the third by the socio -economic. By this I mean that segregation has come to generate this lack of rights in immigrants and especially those who have an empty portfolio. It is true that the Spanish Constitution together to its laws have allowed their participation in political aspects with a minimum of requirements and that when they enter immediately they have certain rights.

The problem does not reside there, it is in the great strait between what the Constitution dictates and what people say about putting on these issues and what really ends up. So that they apparently possess rights (less than the Spaniards) but in the end for their circumstances they are looked and judged in another way.

The last is the exclusion that poor immigrants deal month. Therefore, they have more difficulties when opting for decent job, getting to work in the field inhabiting the mentioned rural areas, being cleaners of houses charging a misery or with the use of workers or doing heavy jobs. Likewise, on many occasions they do not earn enough money where these people end up getting into prostitution, drug trafficking, etc.

As mentioned. The lack of wage media is the main cause of mass poverty in capitalism. However, salary regulation and work quality, together with accessibility on subsistence media, are also elements that affect the exacerbation of material poverty."

In turn, it should be noted that we live in a society characterized by consumerism and this influences on a large scale to the point that it can affect these lives.

It is expected of all that we have the best mobile, that we wear with brand clothes, that we have the largest house, the most expensive mobile, … it is a very big pressure to endure. And yes, I just said that this weight is suffered by every citizen of the world but if one thinks a little, a person who has just arrived in Spain, who has few resources and who lives in overcrowding has to load with much more than that. The good thing is that there are social aid to be able to cope with all this stress and this pressure generated by the great industries.

Over the years, it has been thinking about how to provide the help they need without becoming a great general expense in the economy, including taxes. One of the last theories is the idea of ​​the basic needs that is to provide disadvantaged people minimum income for education, health and food. This is closely linked to the thresholds of citizenship that are proposed as social inclusion, something that will be commented with posterity.

The problem is that not all people are willing to indicate the box to provide this type of protection, so the general budget would be lower having a large percentage of poverty in our country. To be exact, 40% of immigrants in Spain suffer from destitution.

According to Álvarez Leguizamón (2005: 253): “In general, theories of basic needs are not proposed to regulate the interests of capital in favor of improving the population’s well -being. While there are differences between the different approaches that promote them, most of them do not promote the regulation of labor relations or the deepening of social rights, and even less focus on the need to regulate the processes of international extraversion of labor produced For globalization, the necessary reinforcement of the organizations of workers and non -workers or the greatest political participation in the spheres of government decision of the minor resources sectors."

In line with her, what they are trying to do is hide the big problem that exists regarding this topic. Giving them money does not mean fixing their problems; More than a check, an insertion is needed to society. As we have been speaking at the beginning of their homes, their work (those who can access those mass efforts for such a little budget), globally of their situation and their types of lives, we have been able to verify that they have not had the possibility of access other possibilities, or at least not better. This is because they do not offer a different opportunity. For this reason, aids are needed, a push to enter Spain: know where decent jobs are found, know where to go in case of emergency, thus avoiding that they are scammed and, in addition, that there are people who are willing to help them to embark on an almost totally unknown country. I do not want to say that an economic aid does not come good, but they need anything else because what is useful for studies if in the end you can only choose to live with three hundred more people.

And it is not just that they leave poverty and have decent lives, but that they do not get into that already mentioned, the world of drugs, prostitution, of the black market. If this is not a good reason let me give you another perspective:

The Government, the banks, the cities and without going any further, people are interested in saving money from their pockets. We always save, replacing the most expensive products with the cheapest ones for when the end of the month has saved a couple of euros. Because if these institutions raise both a small economic aid and an aid to integration, they would be saving to pay the investigations, follow -ups, arrests, to the judges of the cases and the criminal system as a whole to persecute premises that promote prostitution as well Like owners and women who exercise it, drug traffickers and their ships full of drugs.

Going further, it would be a "boom" in the news, making a better vision of Spain whose consequence would be more movement, more tourism, more tourism, more tourism, more tourism. After all, much of the country’s profits are from this sector, if we squeeze it thoroughly since there is a good knowledge of it, we would have more profits and less debts. And this not only stays here, the more people the most infrastructure would be needed, they could be built by providing more jobs that can help these people with few goods as well as for the Spaniards themselves.

So if a good intention of charity, hospitality towards that 40% is not enough, think that it would be able to help an entire country. Perhaps in percentages that do not exceed 10% but it is a percentage that there was not and that no matter how low, it generates benefits.


You always have to keep in mind that the great proportion of people who leave their countries do not do so for pleasure, but seek prosperity. We must not forget that they are still people with name and surname and that many of them fall into poverty. A person looking for this prosperity, that best life; He does not deserve bad treatment, but all the support and shelter that can be provided. You can’t give everything in hand, of course. But he can be rewarded for his achievements, for his good actions, for what he does in the country and for what he contributes.

As I have already been developing before, when their conditions arrive here they are not full and fall into the hands of misery and people who only want to take advantage of them until they can achieve even more cheaper labor. Where were the rights to dignity and physical and moral integrity?

There is a great framework for possibilities to be able to solve these acts of racism, discrimination and finally get these people since it would not be the minimum effort.

The problem is that this matter does not have the visibility that it should and the aids, if there are, are so minimal that people are seen begging for a couple of euros and sleeping in cartons in the middle of the street. And not only that, as I said are denigrated, insulted, kicked when all they try is to remain alive, fight for their right to life.

So this matter should be updated and that the word "overcrowding" with this type of symbology is not known to be recognized by the SAR as in disuse. As well as that the use of certain people regarding their situation, become considerably sanctioned so that no person with few resources goes to it to get money.

And finally, say that the poverty of these people affects us all. Just as food (by companies) continues to obtain benefits while there are people in the world who star social to have a minimum of dignified life.

Poverty is a problem that we have created and that is in our charge to reduce it. And although many people fail to understand it, when you give, it is when you receive the most.


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