Odysseus’S Perseverance And Success

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Odysseus’s perseverance and success


We like it, we are passionate, we want it. Fighting and continuing regardless of the obstacles presented is characterized by perseverance. Being persistent implies focusing on some reason and devoting or improving that goal. Through the book The Odyssey, written by the popular Homero writer, we can see the persistence in the main characters of the work reflected. With the representation of these characters their constant firmness is visualized by wanting to find and achieve their objectives. This writing not only tells us a story, but it teaches us and lets us reflecting on these fundamental values for the human being. 


Perseverance is the most prominent value between the work and the main characters. Both Odysseus and Telemachus play a very persevering and constant role in wanting to conclude their objective successfully. Persistence first involves knowing our goal or objective. It is important that this is clear, since it is very likely to take a long time to meet. This is why perseverance is a primary aspect in the life of an individual. For Odysseus he not only included his return to his homeland and his family, he involved understanding his duty to fighting obstacles that prevented the achievement of his goal. 

This brave character faced many other more villains than even some were more powerful than him. Homer (2004) assures us through the words of the character Menelao the following: "Remembering him, I hate sleeping and eating, because no affairs seemed what Odysseus had to suffer and pass: for him the pains were to be" for him ". Requiring a lot of strength and faith, expressed as courage, it is possible to overcome and overcome obstacles. Falls are always to get up, learn from our mistakes and move on. When preserving gives us hope to win this battle that we fight with the result of achieving our expectations.

The development of the person is essential for the future of one. With the value of perseverance you can learn a lot, since we face enough conflicts with which they allow the development of our person. The character of Telemachus, son of Odysseus, presented his goal as a trip in search of more information about his father. Trip after trip listened to him from him. This was like the energy he received to move forward and not surrender because he had faith in which Odysseus was still alive to return to his homeland and take care of his wife Penelope. Nothing managed to stop Telemachus and his search for the living Odysseus. 

Homer describes Telemachus through Athena’s words: "You will not be in the future or coward. If we believe and trust, it is because it is possible. Persistence is mostly considered a positive aspect, since it helps us overcome our expectations. However, if we do not have concrete goals it becomes a negative aspect. This is because it can also be an obstacle of our true objectives. With our strength and knowledge we will know the right moment in which we should preserve.

 In order to achieve what is desired and improve our future. The way we express and take action represents the person we are. It requires a lot of strength and confidence to exceed and overcome so many conflicts. But with the help of these we will have more knowledge and strategies that could help in the future of our life. As a father and son, both managed to persevere differently. Odysseus presented more physical obstacles and Telemaco use his faith and hope to be able to hear the results he wanted. Made decisions through their reasoning. 

"Having the same mood we advise with intelligence and prudent decision to the Argivos so that everything was in the best way". Being positive and doing the right thing is important. This happened, since doing the good will be the right thing to effectively complete our goal. This not only increases the self – esteem of having defeated something that we have never faced before, but teaches us and improves our capabilities for future obstacles. To conclude, perseverance being a fundamental value for success, is a challenge that will bring conflicts and consequences to defeat and succeed. That encourages us to move forward regardless of what is happening, since we can fight to be victors. 


Odysseus and Telemachus were examples to follow from the writing. They showed that they faced obstacles almost impossible to win, but they always achieved their goals. They learned and rectified their mistakes influencing their attitudes to persevere their purpose. On every occasion, difficulties will be presented along the way, therefore not to surrender and strive in what we want will be the key to our success. God reminds us and establishes in Romans 5: 3-4 “And not only this, but we also gain ourselves in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces patience;and patience, proven character;And the proven character, hope ". 

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