My Artistic Work Based On The Book The Black Cat

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My artistic work based on the book The Black Cat

My artistic work is based on the book of "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe. I think this book really from the beginning makes you enter it and get more and more interested and keep that suspense of what can happen;At first it looks like a normal story, but after killing the cat he begins to focus on the terror that Edgar Allan Poe usually gives them to his books. 

I expressed this work with a drawing where you can see between the break. I decided to make that drawing, since in the story of "The Black Cat" the man who speaks in the cartoonLike his wife. One day he took the cat an eye, until one day he despaired and killed the cat, grabbing a thread to the neck hanging him from a tree in his garden, that is why the cat between the bricks and why the death of his wife. 

One day he in a bar meets cat so he decides to take it, but he began to detest him little by little, until one day he despaired so much that he decided to kill him in his garage with an ax, but his wife prevented him from grabbing his hand,From courage he killed his wife with the ax. And the bricks in the drawing are because when he kills the cat, his house is fire and in the fire he only survived the brick wall shown in the drawing, but between the breakdown of the bricks he managed to see the silhouette of a catWith a thread tied very similar to the one he had killed. The letters of the title I wanted to make them terrifying because as I mentioned in the investigation, Edgar Allan Poe’s books are focused on terror and "the black cat" is no exception. For the drawings I decided to use the coloring technique with colored powder. 

For the bricks of the sides I wanted them to give an old, red, but with a gray tone and that it could give the old appearance that he wanted, for the bricks of the center they wanted them to seem rotten because as there are theCat and the dead woman, therefore the lifeless bodies after a certain time would cause the wall to rot and begin to form a fungus, so I put them with a green tone and with a little gray tone so that it could alsogive an old appearance. About the book I think that although the character of the Lord began to change and became bad, he liked animals a lot before this happened and if he really wanted Pluto very much he would not have killed him. 

I was very interested that later a cat very similar to Pluto will be found, the same without an eye, but with a very peculiar white stain, in my opinion I feel that when I was going to kill him he hidAnother cat and somehow felt that the story was going to be repeated and for the love that the cat had to him, he wanted to give him a lesson, at the time he killed his wife, if they came to arrest him, he shouldbecome aware of the actions he came to take and ended up affecting people he wanted. 

So I think that apart from that it was a horror book in the end, it has the reflection that sometimes comes to blind things that are not really important and they get to influence you negatively as a person and by those attitudes or paths that we get to take we arrive to hurtwhom we really want. I did not know this story, but I wanted to give me the opportunity to read this book

This is why I decided to inspire myself in the book of El Cat Negro to do my artistic work.   

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