Metamorphosis Book Summary

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Metamorphosis book Summary

Gregorio Samsa wakes up in his small room after an uneasy dream turned into a monstrous insect, thinks that everything is a bad dream and goes back to sleep, this idea vanishes when he woke up again and observe that he continues in his insect form. Accept your new physical aspect, but you have to learn to handle with ease. At this time the boss was outside his bedroom hitting his door demanding an explanation to his fault at work. Gregorio with effort leaves his bed to try to open the door with his mouth because his tiny legs make it impossible to do it, in the process he hurts and a sticky liquid dripped through the door until he finished on the ground.

At the time the door opened, they all observed their new appearance and their mother fainted completely on the ground, their boss leaving her cane aside ran to the exit of the home, while her father with the same caneof the attorney pushed his son towards his bedroom. Gregorio begins his life as an insect held in his room and his family beats between fear and repulsion. The family wonders who will bring money home, with Gregorio in their state and they have nothing left but to get job to all equally. Even so, Gregorio’s younger sister who feeds him while he hides so that he does not scare his sister with his appearance. A month later his sister with her mother strip all her material possessions since Grete discovered her brother’s new fun and is that she was traveling along the walls of her small bedroom and stripping her things would have more space. Mr. Samsa faces him by throwing apples and one of these was embedded in Gregorio’s back causing him a serious injury. Within this time there is a certain approach of the family to Gregorio, such as the fact that during the dinners they open Gregorio’s door and he observes the decline of his family. His parents and sister decide to rent a part of the house to be able to stay because Father Samsa’s salary does not reach.


Gregorio leaves his room when hearing the harmonious sound of the violin. Once in the room the tenants are static to see it, when the latter passes they react and begin to shout to Mr. Samsa barbarities and then leave the house with their belongings without paying the rent.


They hire a widowed and thin lady as a maid because she had no disgust against Gregory;She is more she bothered and insulted him. One night he could hear like Greta played the violin from the kitchen, Gregorio had never heard his sister’s violin. The tenants heard him went to the kitchen and told the much to play for them in the living room. Gregorio left his room to better hear the violin and realized that the tenants were already bored of music. Gregorio got angry to see that they did not pay attention to his sister, while he would let him play all night and even take her to the conservatory. The Lord in the middle realized the presence of Gregorio and pointed it out, the violin fell silent. They react telling Mr. Samsa how he had not told them that there was a monstrous insect living in the house. Gregorio goes to his room thinking about death and the next day the maid finds the body of Gregorio without life. His family felt relieved and went for a walk. Gretel’s parents realize that their daughter has developed and between complicit glances they said to each other who would find a husband for their dear daughter. 

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