Mariano José De Larra’S Hunt

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Mariano José de Larra’s hunt


The times when hunting was at the same time the occupation and fun of our kings and our nobles are already well far from us;That countless employees destined for that exercise that filled the palace have disappeared, leaving only after themselves, some denomination, outside of their place.

The invention of gunpowder was undoubtedly one of the first blows, almost mortal, for the old way of hunting. What to keep and educate several hawks costly, when a small lead ball can do in less time and without precise teaching the same path? The revolutions, which have only left the kings time to be, have come to give that exercise the last blow of cheeks;The Sotos have been neglected, foreign customs have introduced themselves, and the theaters, dances, coffees, game, clubs and newspapers have entirely replaced that random distraction.


In other countries all those causes have been quite quite to destroy it;In England, for example, magnificent parks, sustained and careful with the same care as all English things, they still offer abundant hunting to the gentlemen, who dedicate a season of the year to their crazy beaten. In Germany it is no less the fans, and in some other parts of Europe, as in Tyrol, surprising skill handles are hunting.

Among us, Carlos IV has been the last of our hunter princes;And the nobles, always reflecting in their customs of the kings, have let a fun die in which they no longer had to whom;In Spain, it can be said that there are hunters, there are individuals, but there is no hunt itself, and only in some corner of province gives this former fans signals from a rest of agonizing life.

Environment: economic growth and environmental damage

Although today it is affirmed that humanity can develop without causing harm to nature, there are still strong arguments opposed to this hypothesis. Development implies economic growth, and in turn economic growth would be impossible without an industry that depends on energy resources.

At present, the diversity of goods that common people need has expanded considerably, compared to the epochs prior to the massive use of modern industrial technology. People feel the need, not only of the essentials, like a slice of bread and a roof on their heads, but also of various comforts and luxuries.

Providing humanity these objects implies the exploitation of natural resources. In turn, conventional energy sources that we use today cause pollution, so economic growth is almost inevitably associated with environmental damage.

One of the aspects of growth that affects the environment more, is the fact that to produce more goods and products at a faster rate, the construction of large industrial plants is required. These companies generate massive amounts of pollution in the form of liquid waste and toxic gases. Liquid waste is frequently poured into fresh water bodies, while toxic gases are released to the atmosphere.

Liquid waste causes water pollution and the deterioration of aquatic ecosystems. While toxic gases pollute the atmosphere, which can cause long -term negative effects on the health of nearby populations, animals and fauna. They also lead to the degradation of the ozone layer, which is one of the main causes of global warming acceleration.

Conventional energy sources that are used today, are considered the most pollutants of the environment, and excessive industrial manufacturing rates lead to constantly increasing energy consumption. You could say that the solution is in the use of unconventional energy sources, such as mareomotor, geothermal or wind energy.

These energy generation techniques have greater acceptance due to their most environmentally respectful energy generation form, but at the same time they have several critical inconveniences. The high installation cost is one of them. In addition, they are less effective than conventional ones and need the political will to be launched. The transit from one energy source to another also requires time, during which people have to make some sacrifices to support these initiatives. In a democratic country, make people accept this would be a challenge.

At the same time, even if they are applied, unconventional energy sources, the problem of damages violated to the environment is still not solved. In order to produce economically viable energy (using tidal and geothermal sources), sometimes a significant alteration of the natural site is inevitable. This is expensive and has important harmful effects for the environment. The application of wind energy would require blocking the natural speed of air flows. Consequently, the pressure balance produced by this current by crossing the wind fields will be affected, and it is important to remember that the environment and weather conditions are directly affected by atmospheric pressure.


As can be seen, economic growth is related to environmental damage, and at the current level of development. Therefore humanity can hardly avoid damaging nature. This is due to a series of factors, such as the lack of access to this technology and the cost of alternative energy sources.

But the most significant reason is that constant economic growth leads to the increase in industrial production rate. With the expansion of the industry, more conventional resources are needed, and since its use causes severe pollution, it can be concluded that economic growth is an inseparable element of the damage inflicted to the environment.

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