Life Laws

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Life laws


The birth of law is also of the converted nature, splitting the authors into two positions: the law is born as a repair to a physical or moral offense that one person afflicts to another. The law was born to regulate the compensation due for the fulfillment of a word. The law is inspired by postulates of justice and constitutes the normative and institutional order that regulates human behavior in society.

Law is the set of principles, and norms, generally inspired by ideas of justice and order, which regulate human relations throughout society and whose observation. This applies through the Constitution and the laws that may have, the right is the entity that regulates people to comply with a series of norms established by pacts and contribution of the State as.


Constitutional or political law: it deals with the study of the essential laws that defines a State.

Criminal Law: Understand the norms that regulate the reprehensible behaviors of citizens, those that are considered criminal, for which legal norms have a sanction.

Procedural Law: Regulates the organization and powers of the Courts of Justice and the action of different persons involved in judicial processes.

Labor Law: Refers to relationships between employers and their employees, setting their duties and reciprocal rights, as well as worker protection.

Tax Law: It is the set of rules, norms and principles that are responsible for regulating the legal-tributary relationship between the administration and the taxpayer.

The positive law is one that arises from the processes, formation of a law, our constitution establishes how a law is generated that there must be an initiative, discussion, sanction, approval and initiation of validity, opposes for some authors to the lawNatural, but others consider the most successful is a concatenation of both because it demands and imposes respect for the lives of others simply by a moral order, and in case of violating this legal principle we will have a sanction the relationship could be clearer inThe sense that where a penalty is purged, we would call it penitentiary as we associate it, which penitentiary is derived from penalty, which composed of moral norms that religion in the first instance imposed. 

The legal interest is the coexistence and respect for the norms, systems of duty and the association that it has with the being, the decision of man to do things and to subject to the systems imposed by a society implies ordering of the parties thatThey integrate society, regulation of man’s activities.

Plural law, is what is granted or recognized to a subject of law (independent that it has been exonerated not by him);Unlike law, in singular, which can refer to legal science, legal system or a legal system. The social orientation function is that the law acts by directing people’s behavior towards compliance with legal norms. The conflict treatment or resolution function is that law is an instrument to channel that arise in every social group.

The theory of general law or theory is the legal science that studies the elements of the existing legal law or ordinance in any social organization and the scientific and philosophical foundations that have allowed it to evolve to this day. L Efficacy, valid and justice are preached from legal norms that do not apply to each other, since there may be norms that have efficiency, in the same way to each other, since there may be norms that have efficiency, of thesame way that there may be fair standards that are valid, but that are effective.

The law as the system of social norms of the behavior declared mandatory by the authority for considering fair solutions to the problems arising from historical reality.

They are known as sources of the right to acts, events and past traditions that serve for the creation, modification or extinction of legal norms, that is, of the laws. This often includes the organs themselves of which emanate laws, as well as historical participants in the constitution of law as a human discipline.

The fundamental basis of law is useful in jurisprudence, since they provide previous examples and considerable cases before making a decision (something particularly important in Anglo -Saxon or Commonlaw law). On the other hand, they are also used from a historical perspective when thinking more theoretically discipline. The law is considered to have several characteristics. One of them is bilaterality (an individual other than the one affected is empowered to demand compliance with a norm), which gives it the quality of the imperative attributive to the law.

It is very important to have a basic knowledge. The subject of introduction to the study of law is the pillar of a pyramid of our professional training in regards to the law degree has three meanings derives from the direct Latin word that means direct and takes usThe right to the right and mine is right from the ethical word of the word of the concept that has to be followed in professionalism in our behavior and mainly in the honorable attitude, responsible for every lawyer must have in front of society (Ulpiano, 228) refers us to the definition of justice saying that it is to give to each one what corresponds to our world or scope of law would be excellent if in reality those seven words could be fully fulfilled, this is our role in the future, seek that justice give to each one what corresponds to it and that they do not influence external factors to be able to apply it correctly. What is little asked for little and who does not serve to defend their rights either, serves to defend others.


Set of norms images to man, as is the right to life we ​​must know that man had the need to associate with two fundamental issues first contribute to a social and second formation the defense or obtaining of food the fact of creating plans causes and generates The need for leadership in its beginnings Leadership was the obtaining of the person who was the strongest, the cognitive advance of man means that when the fort stops having the power enters the experience and reason that is what the formation begins Of those social bases with which we currently act, this right develops to legal norm and in the first instance in the form of an organization, intrinsically fair, imposed on their essence for their supreme will, which are based on human nature, with which We estimate justice and good.  

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