Let’S Talk About What Alternates The Story Of The Farm

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Let’s talk about what alternates the story of the farm


The first, let’s talk about what alternates the story, of farm rebellion. With which he manages to form a brief story of what happened in the 1917 years as the situation of the communist revolution, which continues with the era of the Soviet Union, however, the protagonists of this invention came to do the animals, that has, in a way the character of the characters, so that, how that dictator thought at the time, and the actions they performed, when facing the problems in that context. 


The legend, I get to undertake in a way, in the SR. Jones that would be, the owner of the farm, with which he makes a call, to the animals, why they validate the stable to call a meeting, where he communicates, to those who had a vision, in which they wereThe leaders of the world, that humans were only enslaved by animals, since they sent them to do work, without being able to be free, and with the right to manipulate it. 

Mr. Jones get to tell them a statement, that they must achieve work so that they can get everything they want, to be able to achieve an end, after the Lord told him his approach he had, then he shows his animals a song, thatHe has as the name of beasts of England, in which he emits the vision he possessed of his dream, but tries to transfer in a way of poetry. 

When the animals finished hearing the song, they thought among themselves, which were judged as the vision of the MR. Jones, enslaved, with which they only have mandates to make and orders to make, without any freedom, and that is why an older pig, with which he comes to say in you high, that he had a dream, in thewhich consisted, that all animals can be free, that they have rights to do everything about their preference. The farm animals decided to create the hallucination of the old elder to be free. 

After this brief explanation of what this story is treated, it should be noted that the animals had their goals with which they wanted to arrive. Some of those objectives, that animals, wanted to arrive, in the story of history, would be, the expulsion of humans, that there were no more individuals in the world, only of their own species, since the cattle consider that theHumans do not give him his right of freedom, which are only used as slaves, that we get to use it to our conveniences, others of his achievements they had in mind, was to create their own system of government, in which they would be the leaders, that they only treat people as slaves and have work to do, in which it would end like a tyranny, also had as another objective, such as revealing man, to be able to be the ones who have the commandment authorities and have a leaderWho does not control it, with which they aspire to pretend, be a fair community. 

It should be noted that these were one of the scope, with what the farm animals wanted to arrive, which can be dominated as a goal. Now, first of all, there are relationships this story with society today. This relationship that society would have and its influence with this work, on the development of this farm rebellion, would be that, the social circle, right now it can be evidenced that they do not know the valuation of a living being, which onlyThey treat it as an object, in which they do not have any kind of appreciation, since, evidence has been demonstrated in the transports of the times until now, also as abuse, they use it as a slave towards the animals, andIt can get to the matter of killing them, for the reason, in which this story of the story of the farm, comes to demonstrate that animals are living beings and not an object, that they do feel and do not have the rights of being slaves orof being used. 

Therefore, in the story we give us the vision of what it would be like, if animals mistreat us. At present, our society has an influence on our person, since social situations, at least of animal abuse or manipulation, influence us, since, as a person in social situations we get to apply, inThat we evaluate what is happening and can affect us mentally and physically, in which it influences our personnel, in summary, the relationship that the story of the farm rebellion, with society and its influence,It would be, in which society looks a part of slavery of animals and abuse, which would be the teaching that tries to convey the book, that we humans do not value animals today, with which it reachesPersonally affect, as one as a person, since we socially worry us socially, and physically both.


In conclusion, this story gives us teaching, that animals have to be treated, in the way we frequent a person, for the reason, that they were not created to be exploited or used for our benefit,This leaves us teaching, that we human beings have to take care of them and protect it, that there is no more animal abuse.

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