Let’S Talk About Lobster And Orthoptera

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Let’s talk about lobster and orthoptera


For more information about the plague of lobsters visit the Australian Commission plague of the lobster brought plague locust commission characteristics, the crickets, the grasshopper and the lobsters belong to the orthoptera order, which means straight wings. Most are easily recognizable by their hind legs, which are usually enlarged to jump. They are often seen by jumping when they are bother or hear singing at night. They are mainly medium to large insects and some species in Australia grow up to a length of 10 centimeters. 


There are about 3000 species in Australia and all can be distinguished from other insects by the following characteristics: the previous wings are narrower than the rear and hardened or tanned in the base. They are kept in the form of a roof overlapping the rest abdomen. The rear wing is membranous and remains folded in the form of a fan under the front wings when it is at rest.

  • Mandibular mouth pieces
  • Large compound eyes

Antennas can be short or very long depending on the species. The grasshoples have relatively short antennas, while crickets and grasshoples generally have long antennas. The hind legs are enlarged and modified to jump the general appearance of this order makes it difficult to confuse with other insects. Orthoptera’s offspring seem small adults without wings. Many orthoptera can produce sound rubbing the legs, wings or abdomen. Males that produce these sounds are predominantly to attract females.

Life cycle orthoptera are developed by incomplete metamorphosis. Most orthoptera put their eggs on the floor or vegetation. Egg. Through successive molts, nymphs develop wings sprouts until their final mute in a mature adult with fully developed wings. 

The number of molts varies between species, but the grasshop. Growth is also very variable and can take a few weeks to many months, depending on factors such as food availability and climatic conditions.

Most orthoptera are herbivores and feed on a variety of plant materials, including roots. Most short -horrific grassholes. Some species are even scavengers or predators.


Habitat orthoptera are found in all terrestrial habitats of Australia. They are usually associated with vegetation, from soil level to canopy, in burrows on the ground or moving through the open field, depending on the species. Most are active during the day, they feed on vegetation and others, such as the mole crickets, spend most of the time in underground burrows. 

Ortopteros are generally found individually or in small quantities, however, some species sometimes increase in number and form pests that can cause a lot.

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