Let’S Enjoy New York

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Let’s enjoy New York


Let’s enjoy New York in a different way: in their rooftops. It is not a topic that knows it as the city that never sleeps. The effervescence and the frantic rhythm of its streets catches you. Emotion to find you in a movie stage is immense. The large number of exciting plans that it offers makes it impossible to bore a second.

But sometimes, even if we are in the big block, it is necessary to relax. In short, look for a small oasis where to take air and forces again. We can find these peace feans in the rooftops, a type of place that is more fashionable than ever in the New York environment.


These are bars located on the terraces or roofs of buildings. In this way, in addition to taking something you can enjoy the views and the incomparable framework of the city. We offer you a guide so that you are not visiting the best New York rooftops.

Located at the Public Hotel, in full Lower East Side, offers a unique view of the most famous skyscrapers such as Empire State. With two different terraces and a covered bar, it is ideal for taking a cocktail and admiring sunset. During the weekends it is a very frequented meeting point.

If you are on Fifth Avenue, running with Chrysler and Empire State on the front is the prize for climbing the last floor of this building. In addition to opening every day uninterruptedly, the classic Brunch on weekends. A unique opportunity for lunch or dinner with a panoramic view that is priceless.

After the experience of crossing the Brooklyn bridge, do not stop getting on the last floor of this hotel. It is perfectly located to have a wonderful snapshot of Manhattan’s Skyline. It has a covered bar and a roof with garden and pool, open in the summer months.

It is a feeling to meet here when the sun says goodbye and the city’s lights begin to shine with force. You can ask for all kinds of cocktails and organize sessions with DJ to liven up the evening.

In the middle of Meatpacking district and next to the incomparable High Line, this restaurant with Rooftop has become a fashion site. If after a day of shopping in the area you want to escape from the crowded bars of the center, this is your place.

Its roof has a perfect panoramic for a romantic dinner. It has a broad and rich letter that offers from oysters to ceviches or sushi. You can even find live music with the sky of New York as a backdrop, what else can you ask for?

If you are looking for a more sophisticated air and you are close to Times Square, go up to the last floor of the Fairfield Inn 8 suites by Marriott New York. Here are an elegant atmosphere, spectacular views of Hudson and different bars at the multiple levels of this rooftop.

They even offer Happy Hour every day during the week. Of course, do not forget to be well fixed or it will be difficult to enter due to your clothing code.


You just have to climb at the heights of the modern Ravel Hotel to enjoy an insurmountable panoramic view of the Queensboro bridge, on the banks of the EAST and in the middle of Long Island City neighborhood. It is one of the widest rooftops in the entire city, in addition to having an excellent Japanese restaurant.

It also has a covered part for winter days. Without a doubt, an exclusive situation to observe the city from a less classical perspective. Now that you know New York’s best rooftops, reserve time to enjoy some of them. You will live magical moments that you will hardly forget.

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