Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renaissance Sage

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Leonardo Da Vinci: The Renaissance Sage


Leonardo the man who saved science. Leonardo Da Vinci grew up in Vinci in rural Tuscan. Whose purpose was to understand the nature of life. He arrives in Milan at 30 years for which he did not have a book, but a decade later he owns hundreds. He is admitted to the best artistic workshop in Florence in 1470, he fell into the hands of the best teacher, Verrocchio who was a sculptor. 


Leonardo is formed as a painter, sculptor and engineer. A workshop culture that stimulates scientific curiosity. Being a compendium of art of science and technology, teaching based on practice that forces you to solve concrete problems and face constant challenges. In 1471 the interest in the machinery becomes remarkable in Leonardo, because the study of "Verrocchio" is entrusted. Leonardo has some bad reputation of distracted and irresponsible, 10 years later leaves the study of "Verrocchio", it was something dark in his biography.

He was related to homosexuals, did not have a literary instruction, and in a way he felt excluded from intellectual world. In the 1480s he writes about all the skills he possessed, presenting himself as a great military engineer, this being his first curriculum, but not quite true to the Duke of Milan "Ludovico Sforza", who was an inventions enthusiastic. For this he resorts to many books where he feeds to make each invention. In 1482 the obsession to fly made him study aerodynamics although there is no evidence of those works. These inventions already existed, made by Taccola.

But Leonardo made them more detail with the intention of updating and improving them, inventions such as lifeguards, submarines among others based on scientific studies. Leonardo’s great dream was to write a series of books that transmitted the vision of the world and the projects achieved after millions of years of research. The collection would consist of a painting manual, a detailed anatomy book, Mathematics, Astronomy and Geometry Treaties. But curiosity was insatiable and always found new issues that caught attention;The influence of water.

The floods, the flight of birds, so their dream never gets. But I leave more than 6000 pages of notes written in an inverse secret alphabet that could be read through a mirror. Where he recorded the advances of anatomy, engineering, optics, urbanism, geology, almost unknown subjects. More than 15 attributed paintings, many ingenious drawings between them: "La Yoconda" or Mona Lisa, "The Last Supper", works of art made with a lot of optics and exact geometry. "The Lady of Armor" who was a beautiful and very famous painting in her time, which portrays Ludovico Sforza’s lover.


For Leonardo to face a problem or understand a phenomenon, it implies studying the relationship with another phenomenon and thus creates the scientific method, it comes to analyze basic principle in nature that pushes it to explore geology, botany and topology, everything is interconnected in the world, it is a moving system with the human being in the center that is where the famous painting "The man of vitruvio" is born, being the pure expression of the Renaissance, a circular and almost carnal figure, whose scope extends to the limit of thecosmos and whose face could be Leonardo da Vinci the age of 58 years.

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