Legal Or Controversy Law On Life And Death

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Legal or controversy law on life and death

People always take a challenge every day when we all face in a certain time of knowledge that we have lived well and accept our death time, since it is a time in life in which any person would like to reach theold age without any pain and quietly.

Often anyone is exposed to death, but in all cases not in the same way, so in this essay the issue of euthanasia stands out, since it is related to death and your dear reader will ask what is what is it?, Euthanasia in rapid terms is defined as good death, but the question is under what circumstances what circumstances. It is said that euthanasia applies to some people who at some certain time in their lives are without any possibility of healing and do not see any sense to how to live their lives and that at the time their relatives must decide on their life.

The euthanasia procedure is not just a few years, but this act has been carried out for a long time, a difference of now is that this procedure is now required, since there are many cases in which some patients havefought against the law to ask them to carry out this procedure so that they can die in peace, calm and above all stop suffering. In some countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Colombia has been legalized, but certain requirements are required, but sometimes society some their opinions are in cons and others in favor of euthanasia.

Euthanasia is ways to give a quiet death without any suffering, since some patients have terminal diseases that are going through unbearable suffering, so that they can die with dignity without having to endure more that unbearable suffering that causes some diseases.

When talking about euthanasia, it is a topic that generates moral, legal, psychological and religious opinions, but we have ever asked ourselves, what does the person who suffer from terminal illness or an unbearable suffering feel? Here the opinion of knowing if I am for or against. Dear reader with what right we dare to choose a person who has a terrible suffering, but in the same way as knowing if that person wants to continue in that condition or not. This essay will show what are the variants of euthanasia in order to form an opinion on whether I am in favor or against euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a hypothesis that must be defended, since the patient’s free will apply must be legally regulated and legally respected.

To a form of euthanasia is assisted death, since it consists that one person helps another to achieve their goal of dying quietly either by a poison or other mortal instrument. Euthanasia is the process that makes his death faster of a person.

There are several types of euthanasia, since they have a classification and are depending on the conditions under which the person is.

  1. EUGENESIC: It is death for deformed or sick people so as not to generate another living being with the same sickness or deformity.
  2. Criminal: It is the one that is called death penalty, since it is used for criminals, for bad people for society.
  3. Economic: It is used for crazy, invalid, elderly among others. It is for the elimination of incurable patients.
  4. Pious: it is one that is used by compassion of a person who supports serious pain sufferings, without having any hope to survive.
  5. Solidarity: It is used for individuals who donate their organs or tissues in order to save other lives.

Euthanasia is divided in two ways, since both are ways of dying without suffering.

  • Voluntary euthanasia. A death without pain requested by the patient is caused, since there are very painful and incurable diseases, this type of substances caused by death is used. The one that is carried out with the patient’s consent.
  • Involuntary euthanasia. This way is divided into two cases:

The first is when the person no longer has abilities or physical or mental to be able to decide to help him die.

The second is when the person also has no physical or mental abilities to help him die, he is subjected to euthanasia without knowing what his will would have been.

It is a quite delicate issue, since we talk about the life of a person, although for many people it is very easy to say “each one has the right to do what they want with his life, he can decide if he wants to end at once"

Ethics and euthanasia

Legal Law. Federal penal code

  • Article 312. The one that I will help or induce another to commit suicide, will be punished with the penalty of one to five years in prison, if I will lend it to the point of executing the same death, the prison will be four to twelve years.
  • Article 313. If the deceased or suicide is a minor or suffers from any of the forms of mental alienation, the sanctions indicated to the qualified homicide or the qualified lesions are applied to the homicide or instigator.

Personal opinions

  • Opinion in favor.

I think that one as people have the right to decide on my own life, I can demand the substance as part of my human integrity.

Accept that it is time for my death that I am aware that I will cease to exist sacrificing my family to my friends all the people around me, not to see them suffer.

I must not try to prolong my life when I know that this can no longer be lived.

If I am in favor but with certain rules. For example, if a person decides to finish his life just because he is in depression and feels that his world ends certain physical problems and requests this type of substance. My question is what should be done? Should this person be helped and what needs to end their suffering?

All this issue must be analyzed very well, since not because a person has such small problems wants to use that substance to end his life.

The respect of the person’s will is important, but many times that will can become emotionally affected and lead to making decisions that perhaps at another time would never accept.

If I am in favor of euthanasia, since everyone has the right to decide on their own life, it is a very easy way to end your life with tranquility and dignity. Since you do not suffer any type of pain, I am in favor, since when you have a terminal disease or you have suffering what you are looking for is to forget them to remedy all that pain, but you realize that there is no solution and you choose to receive thatsubstance, since it is the best remedy without having any pain.

  • Opinions against.

Life is its own right in opting for the practice of euthanasia is to end its life, sometimes there are difficulties in making a decision for her practice, a saying says "while there is life there is hope". But as we have to analyze and think well about our life, since it is not any issue you have to analyze deeply because it is our lives that sometimes people with diseases that suffer without really knowing what their will wasof that person.


Euthanasia today thanks to science is a substance that achieves death without any pain, if the patient’s situation that requests the practice of euthanasia is analyzed we find different opinions of both family members and doctors. As for their relatives they choose not to continue maintaining the lives of their loved ones, since they analyze the situation in which they see that only unnecessary sufferings are found. As soon as the doctors are opposed to the practice of euthanasia, since it goes against their convictions or for the fear of legal consequences.

Euthanasia is a controversial issue, since it is a practice that reduces physical sufferings and soul to take them to death with dignity and without suffering. Legalize euthanasia does not amount to deciding who can live and who does not. Having the right to want to help a person die according to his will does not imply murdering him against his will.

Treating the issue of euthanasia is not easy, since you have to think quietly and make a deep analysis of this practice, since it involves many areas such as law, moral, culture, economic motifs, religion, the doctor’s work andfamily reasons.

Talking about euthanasia suggests the end of a life, it deepens to say between opposite poles such as life and death.

(Cesar Namela, 2000)


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