Legal Argument In Law Professionals

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Legal argument in law professionals


The issue of legal argumentation is one of the most discussed aspects and that the greatest interest begins to generate among those who are beginners of law and those who are already professionals in this branch, since they face the situation that learning the theoretical partIt is not everything for a successful exercise of your profession.

Since arguing in general terms is to give reasons to support statements that are made, being an activity that is done every day in everyday life and in law is a central activity, so it is of great importance that beginners and professionals of the professionals of theLaw carry out a good management of argumentation in the legal aspect.

The function of the argument in the legal discourse is relevant both in the investigation and in decision making, due to its character of foundation of the meaning attributed to the normative statements and the legal consequences that can be derived from it. The doctrine has been dedicated primarily to the study of jurisdictional decisions, especially to the judge’s decision.

The guidelines provided, however, are applicable to administrative decisions, and largely also to the way in which lawyers should submit their requests to the authority or analyze the decisions they emit. The arguments used by both the investigator and the lawyer and the judge have been studied by the logic and philosophy of law, so this issue is addressed from various disciplines..

So to learn more about the argumentation below, an analysis is presented, to have knowledge of what time can be used to legal argumentation in situations of fiscal issue and if it is viable to implement it.


Arguing means giving reasons in favor or against a fact. In court, legal argument is used to convince the judges of the different theories of a case and the best argument wins. Arguing is a skill that the best lawyers must know.

When talking about argumentation we have three aspects, the first of them is abstract, understand what argument is from a philosophical point. The second of them is to find the practical way in which the argument is developed, that is, the various forms that we can occupy and the last relative to the instrumental part that is the part of the opportunity to perform certain acts and join them at the end of theProcedural Day. (Cruz, 2013).

The legal argument is very important because it is a conceptual and linguistic tool that will make the lawyer a good speaker, to make an adequate defense and obtain a favorable sentence, and for those who judge to issue their sentences properly. In addition to its importance, legal argument is very useful because it helps the lawyer to define what are the optimal conceptual instruments and the legal reasoning to solve a conflict, provide good reasons and legitimize the function of imparting justice.

It is undoubtedly fundamental that both the study and the application of the argumentation within the legal practice is aimed at a constant improvement by all those who are immersed in the legal field and law operators and that it is also always based on bothLogic, as in a good rhetoric that will already have to demonstrate and define who is who in the judicial contest. (Jaime, 2007)


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