Legados From The Chicago School Of Communication

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Legados from the Chicago School of Communication


The Chicago School of Communication maintains great legacies that have had a great impact on great social authors in Latin America, thanks to all studies and thought, school of communication in our region influenced by the Chicago Communion School has been created, likewiseTheories that are born from Latin America are created, these theories have been influenced by the Chicago School of Communication so much;In the economic, social, cultural and mass media communication. Thus, from the imaginary that the person observes, thinks, experiences and symbolizes the vision or expectation of the behavior of society which will determine the day -to -day relationship. 


This is why the work of Armando Silva "imagined city and imaginary symbolic" in the theory of urban imaginary has placed the image that we create of something someone that will greatly influence the compartment of the individual who has developed with expectations of a groupsocial or of an entire contineWhat really matters is that people follow a unique rhythm of life with messages of power and vanity, thus changing the living of a society as such. 

Then the anthropologist Armando Silva begins to generate a job where the social behavior of the great cities and the change that entails is evidenced. Silva mentions: while the notion of country-national makes its inhabitants look at their own nation in the illusion of the map that can be traveled to its borders. The territorial inhabitant or who acts under such a condition- lives it, and his experience takes him to the multiple representations. The territory in its differential manifestation. It is a space lived, marked and recognized in its varied and rich symbology. The difference between the symbolic, word and language, therefore, speaks of the symbolic imagination itself.

“The symbolic is close and goes through the different events mentioned from the sign and the word. To myth and the unconscious, but cannot be identified with any of those expressions of human life ”. When meaning cannot be presented as a specific thing, that is, it is presented as more than one thing in a sense or several senses. The idea that one has towards an object or subject will determine to a social construction, which although it does not have facts based from the experience or real events if it will influence a social elaboration of several facets that a person has and especially in the mannerto act, that is, what behavior will be the society because it will be governed. 


Silva mentions: ‘A study of the imaginary must travel three records as an object to reveal: the imaginary as a psychic construction or brand;The imaginary as a social construction of reality and the imaginary in terms of the way that allows material expression by some technique ’. This is why Silva studies influenced by the "Chicago School" as a social laboratory, is that social behavior can be understood and give us an idea that it leads them to behave in a certain way in several of the Latin cities, likewiseThe ‘urban imaginary’ affects, filters and molded our perspective of life thus having a great impact on the construction of a collective imaginary of the population.

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