Learning To Write Essays For A Good Education

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Learning to write essays for a good education

Many students occasionally suffer from anxiety when their teachers assign them the task of writing an essay. The questions begin from there: What is an essay?, How is it done?, Will I be able to do it?, Is it how to make a summary of the most important thing on the subject?, Is it a personal comment?

The purpose of this essay is to help readers in the process of writing academic or argumentative essays, so we will focus on two fundamental elements: first, the definition of the essay;second, the process of construction and structure of the trials.

There are many definitions of the term essay, some concepts are general like this: “Test: Action and effect of rehearsing. Written in prose, of a didactic nature, which deals with philosophical, artistic, historical, political, etc." . However, there are broader concepts that provide more information about it:

Essay: Literary genre that consists in exposing in a general way, and without rigorous procedure (although it may be well founded), original and interest ideas. The essays are aimed at a wide number of readers who do not need special knowledge to understand it, since it must reflect the personal culture of the author as the basis for ingenious creation. It is not intended to pronounce the last word on any matter, but to offer a personal, intelligent and suggestive point of view. Time: From the 18th century and especially in XX .

From the above concepts we can underline three important characteristics: one, that the essays are written that require a lot. Second, it is necessary to remember that the essays carry the personal seal of its author;that is, that each essay will have a different style because each person has a particular style. The ideas exposed, the writing style, the language used, are linked to the writer of each essay. Ultimately, we must remember that the essays deal with all kinds of issues, which, preferably, must be chosen by the author of the essay because enjoyment in writing has a lot of relationship with the passion that the issue arouses in the author.

Once the concept of the essay is clarified, we proceed to refer to the writing process, as well as to the structure of the same. James Chapman, in his book Grammar and Composition III, suggests six stages for this process: 1) Selection of the subject, 2) Delimitation of the subject, 3) Organization of ideas and selection of bibliographic material, 4) Writing of the first draft, 5)Drafting of the second draft and 6) Writing of the final version.

In relation to the first stage, it is important to point.

Once the subject has been selected, you must continue to delimitation since the wider the subject, the more difficult your approach is. In the case, if the topic "education" is chosen, it must be delimited, for example in "Pre -basic education in Tegucigalpa", because perhaps in this way it is possible to provide new, original and interesting ideas. Talking about "education" in general would be like talking about the oceans;while talking about "pre -basic education in Tegucigalpa" would be like talking about a stream. As said out there, "it is better to speak more than less than more". At this stage it is also essential, to define the central purpose or thesis of the essay;This aspect is the compass that will guide all the way. The author must state it from his introduction so that the reader knows what to expect from the text as a whole.

The next stage proposed by Chapman is that of the organization of ideas and bibliographic support material. At this time it is necessary to make a list of the ideas you have and once the bibliographic consultations, the support quotes must be selected. All this material must be correctly cited (titles, authors, pages numbers, editions, electronic addresses if the material is internet, etc.) Then it is suggested to elaborate a sketch with the selected ideas. A sketch is a kind of scheme that organizes the different elements to be developed in the text.

The time has come to write the first draft of our essay, which must contain three fundamental parts: the introduction, development and conclusion. At all times we must remember that it is important to take care of coherence, cohesion, thematic unity, clarity, textual progression and spelling in our writing.

The purpose of the introduction is to interest the reader in the selected topic. This section can be elaborated, an anecdote;citing a phrase or opinion, etc. At the end of the introduction the purpose or thesis of the essay must be enunciated. In development we must address carefully and with argument what we have proposed in the thesis. In the case, if the purpose of this essay is on the one hand to clarify the concept of the essay and on the other refer to the process and structure of the same, then these and not others will be the aspects to work on the development of the essay. Finally we conclude, which can be a brief synthesis of the proposed or a paragraph where what the essay has demonstrated is emphasized. After the conclusion must appear-on a separate page- the cited or consultation bibliography.

The last two stages proposed by Chapman refer to the review that must be made to the first draft and then to the final version. What is about rereading the document trying to verify that there are no spelling, grammatical, logical, coherence, etc. It is important to read carefully and if possible to ask someone to read the writing to have the impression of a second person. Once the first draft is reviewed, the respective corrections are made and a second or third draft are elaborated, depending on the state of the text. When we believe that the text is ready to be delivered, we do a last review and at this time- if we have not done it- we place the title to the test, trying to make it an interesting title and that reflect to some extent the theme developed in thetrial.

As a closure we will say that the writing of an essay is a process that requires a lot. However, the satisfaction of seeing the product of our effort;organizing and raising our own ideas;To publicize our personal style to others, is the best reward for work done. There is then why be an anxiety prey to receiving the challenge of writing an essay;Let’s follow the recommendations proposed in this work and to rehearse it has been said! 

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