Learn More About Tourism In Greece

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Learn more about tourism in Greece


Greece is one of the best known countries in the world, this being the main center of the history of Greek mythology, this land retains culture in each wall and each place in the country, contains endless architectural monuments of great interest in sight everyone and what make this land one of the best places in the world to visit.

In addition to the memorable story present in its cities that combine the old style with the modern, Greece has in its favor archipelagos that contain a diversified amount of islands with the most blue and clear waters around the world, which allows you to enjoy the greater emotion and fun on its beaches while knowing one of the oldest and most beautiful cultures that exist.


With a variety of mountains in its relief Greece is strategically located between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, sharing borders with Albania, Turkey, Macedonia del Norte and Bulgaria, the most interesting in the combination of its waters from the seas Aegean, Ionic and Mediterranean, giving a perfect natural contrast to its coast.

Thanks to its perfect combination of the beauty of the past and the modernism of the present, it is one of the best places to vacation, know and enjoy.

Attractions and tourist activities of Greece

Being a country of charm in ancient architecture, mountains and coasts with unparalleled beaches, different activities and several places can be carried out to visit, however, between the main cities and areas to visit, you should not ignore those that youWe will name below.

Athens, Greek capital.

In the same way as in many countries, the beauty of Greece begins in its capital, Athens is the center of the most emblematic architectural structures such as temples, monuments and constructions of great cultural value that date from many years ago. The capital houses an expedition interest sites in order to soak up all the culture and knowledge of one of the most transcendental and beautiful destinations, such as, the acropolis, the temple of Zeus, ancient Agora, Monte Licabeto, Roman Agora, acropolis museum, among many more.

All these value structures make of the historical part of the most exciting, but in addition to this Athens carries inside a daily lifestyle that you can know walking through the streets of the Central Market of Athens and the neighborhoods of Monastiraki,Plaka or Anafiotika.


This is the archipelago that contains the most emblematic islands and visited by tourists who go to Greece so it is essentialWith blue doors located strategically in the largest cliffs that give directly with the sea.

It is totally necessary for you to enter their islands and make an expedition in ferry or boat to be able to bananote in the blue waters of each of its beaches or if it is liked to make a perfect motorcycle or car journey through the monuments they haveinside.

This part of Greece is one of the most romantic sites in the world, which is a perfect excuse to enjoy the best sunsets in a simple boat on the sea with the best company and a good wine.

What to eat in Greece?

Greece is totally known and awarded for its exquisite Mediterranean food, so you are going to enjoy fish, seafood, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables present in all restaurants and traditional kitchens of the region, among its delicious traditional dishes can be highlighted:

The Moussaka is one of the Greek traditional cakes, made with bales of potatoes, eggplants, bechamel and meat. The fasolada can also be highlighted, which is an alubias soup complemented with carrot, onion, pepper and celery this is one of the star dishes of the traditional Greek cuisine.

Las Dolmadas is another of the dishes adopted as a tradition, this dish is based on wrapping in parra leaves a mixture of ingredients such as rice, minced meat, onion and variety of spices with legumes that is finally bathed by a lemon juice sauce. On the other hand, you can highlight the Gemistá which is a dish that consists of filling a tomato, pepper or eggplant with a paste made of rice, onion in strips, parsley, crushed tomato, feta cheese, oil and salt.

What language is spoken in Greece?

The main language is the modern Greek standard that comes from the medieval Greek, this is the most spoken in a maternal way by the majority of citizens who make up the country, approximately 99.5% of the population speaks to it that makes it theOfficial Language of the Nation, on the other hand many Greeks speak English as the predominant foreign language for business execution.

What religion predominates in Greece?

On the other hand, this Greek territory is one of the only two countries (together with Russia) that have a majority of citizens belonging to the Orthodox Church, most of the inhabitants who occupy the surface of the country are orthodox Christians forming approximately 98% of thepopulation, Muslim, Catholic and Jewish religions are followed in a minority respectively.

Accommodation in Greece

Greek lodging is totally accessible and varies in options according to your experiences in experience and comfort, have the best hotels, villas, inns and rental houses that have the characteristic white and blue doors facade in the different cities andIslands that make up the Greek area, located in the lowest or high parts.


At all times of the year it is tempting to travel to Greece, however, if you really want to choose the perfect date of the year to visit it, it is recommended that you decide on days between April to June or on September to October,And it is that at this time Greece presents the best spring climate so the environment is fresh and nothing hot as in the summer, which allows you to do the historical routes and expeditions through the city of Athens and all the monuments and architectural structures.                   

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