Leadership Perception In Human Resources Management

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Leadership perception in human resources management

That is why, in compliance with these administrative processes, the institution must consider aspects such as: the planning that will allow you to visualize the initial position and future alternatives. Likewise, you must reconcile the available resources considering them in a systematic arrangement of them in: Financial and Human Materials.

Similarly, the management process, essential process within organizational dynamics, should be clearly established, because it will allow interpersonal influences on human resource, through decision -making, communication and efforts coordination. In the same way, to comply with the evaluation process, which allows to assess the attitudes, performance and behavior of personnel in the performance of their position;In this same way, you must communicate to this staff the way in which you are working in your work, to seek the necessary improvements, since if so, the level of future compliance and the performance of the tasks will improve considerably.

The organization must also implement control, as a way of regular and monitoring and evaluating everything that was planned, in order to correct anomalies;Check that activities are being fulfilled as they were planned.


Through this research article, what you want to make known if there is leadership and human resource management for the success of an organization, and how server perceives it.

In this way, the current profile of the chief-director as a leader in the management of human resources or any other member of an organization to which this function competes, is to be more competent and constantly be in a continuous improvement to soak upmore and more of the social aspects of the human being as a member of the organization. Therefore, it can be affirmed that concern for the achievement of effective leadership for good management of human resources management has always existed in organizations and has become a crucial point of organizational dynamics, irreplaceable, issay, a strategic resource that must necessarily accumulate to the objectives of every organization.

So, the environment on human resource management has become more demanding and demand greater interest;especially for rapid and constant changes that occur both at the organizational and individual level. Therefore, human resources are crucial when facing the organization these environmental demands. In the same way, the organizational demands, related to the internal aspects that are not controllable as the human resource, but administrable and directed, must be in the hands of proactive managers who have the ability to anticipate the problems to avoid them, instead of havingto face them.

It is a participatory style, and tends to empower the team and encourage creative collaboration;This moderately coincides with the style found in the Human Resources area of the Regional Directorate of Education of Tacna, since according to workers’ perceptions, the level of priority in the chief’s relations with the worker is regular, whichIt can be harmful since it does not generate solid ties among members who use this area.

Human resources, without a doubt, constitute, at present, the most valuable asset that an organization has.

It is man, who, with his knowledge, experience, sensitivity, commitment, effort and work, who makes it possiblequality, quantity and opportunity of the goods and services that it produces. There are several approaches that support and highlight the importance of human resources, each with different orientation, but with the same conclusion.


As for the leadership styles that are handled in the Human Resources area of the Derset, what are most perceived by the servers are three, which develop as follows: the transformational leadership style is developedModerate to intense way, as well as transactional leadership is developed mildly;On the other hand, it is evident that the corrective -evidence style is developed in a moderate way, that is, each type of leadership within the officials of the human resources area are developed differently.

In relation to human resources management, in the Derset Human Resources Area, 45% of servers perceive that it is poor. In other words, the organization of this area to incorporate and select human resources is efficient in 55%, it is also evidenced that participation in members of the members is regularly to deficient.

That there is no implementation of Sub Human Resources Systems in the Regional Directorate of Education of Tacna

The activities executed by the leader such as: planning, organization, control and decision making will only be effective when the leader, motivates and addresses employees to achieve the objectives. Here it is necessary to highlight the importance of the leader as a necessary support for the improvement of the quality and success of an organization, since through its power, and from the upper levels, it achieves a climate of change.

Finally, it should be noted that in the present investigation there is a question that could not be answered, but if necessary to know in the future, to study the leadership style perceived both by the leaders of each area of the Derset, since the interview hasbeen applied to the servers of the Human Resources Area.   

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