Leadership Models Within The ‘New Amsterdam’ Series

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Leadership models within the ‘New Amsterdam’ series

The series entitled "New Amsterdam" focuses on the health management that takes place in a public hospital in New York City. Specifically and referring to the first chapter, we are facing a rather decadent administrative situation. The new director, who acquires the role of leader, intends to deal with the problems derived from the bureaucracy and comfort reached by medical staff. This accepts the command and revolutionizes from the first moment the hospital, with the aim of dealing with demotivation, lack of coordination and aspects related to the budget of the same. However, this objective marked by the leader himself, being the achievement of an improvement of the hospital organization, is not well received by some of the workers of said hospital.

This can be perceived at the moment in which a first meeting is convened, with the purpose of making known the new directive figure and dealing with some organizational aspects. At the beginning of this, when the new director asks the professionals present there what they would like to change, everyone is silent due to the ignorance of the claims by this new boss, and the distrust that this generates.

In addition, in order to achieve the innovation and improvement of the hospital, the protagonist and director of the hospital, Max Goodwin, makes the decision to fire in front of all staff, at the service of cardiovascular surgery, due to the fact of operating patients whoThey really don’t need it. All this derives in a chaotic environment but, in turn, is the first step towards the right direction, since this situation encourages some workers to expose their views and propose improvements for the proper functioning of the hospital. It makes them see that the fundamental objective is to serve as support and guidance, creating the basis that will allow to achieve cooperation and joint work, always adjusted to personal demands and interests.

We would like to stop in the characteristics that define this leadership figure and that, as we have already highlighted, corresponds to the protagonist of the chapter. It is a person who cares about knowing the opinion not only of doctors, but also of nurses and the rest of the personnel who are part of the life of the hospital, which gives value the diversity of actions and encourages motivation,self-efficacy and, in general, the proper functioning of the same. Together with this idea, he intends that everyone feels important and heard, while offering emotional and/or psychological support to those professionals who demand it, as is the case with DR. Vijay when you have to give your patient with terminal cancer the unfortunate news and request help from this.

In addition, Max is a person who always explains what you have to do clearly, sometimes using psychology with her classmates. It should be noted that the true key to success is that it feels part of the group, is perceived as one more member of the team and avoids using superiority connotations. This can be seen in its clothing, since, instead of wearing a suit or informal clothes as the hospital itself demands, Max decides to continue carrying his medical robe for what it means.

The experiences regarding leadership are oriented towards the search for new more effective alternatives, breaking with the pre -established rules and promoting a more effective management and/or administration and according to the demands of the system of which they are part.

Therefore, leadership is essential for the proper management, cooperation and operation of work teams. We must not overlook the difficulty of this task, since, as we have been able to verify in the course of the chapter, the role of the director is quite complex since it must face new challenges that require great work and effort.

Leadership model

In this way, and according to what is analyzed in the manual under the denominative new forms of leadership in work teams, we can see a clear example of authentic leadership and the performance of the effective exchange of relevant information for subsequent decision making,accepting the contributions of the workers who make up the work team.

Authentic leadership refers to a pattern of behavior encouraged both for positive psychological abilities and for the creation of an optimal and ethical climate of work. The main objective lies in the search for greater self-awareness and internalization of ethical values, which will contribute to a greater balance when assessing and analyzing the different situations and improving interpersonal relationships.

In more concrete terms, the authentic leadership model requires a process in which to integrate the positive as a key aspect for the achievement of pre -established goals, both personal and contextual. Therefore, to achieve self-awareness and regulation, an effective organizational environment is necessary.

Leaders defined as authentic know their strengths and aspects that need to be improved, in addition to having the ability to identify, value and project others, their personal beliefs and ways of perceiving reality. In this way, one of the fundamental qualities that characterize this type of leader is loyalty and confidence in others.

Max’s first performance, before carrying out any measure or modification, was to consult with the hospital staff, without hardly knowing them, the aspects they perceived as necessary to modify or change. In this way, the position adopted by it denotes confidence in the professionalism of the agents involved.

Likewise, as we can see in the chapter, their workers consider this type of leader as ethical and well -determined ideals, so that transparency, sincerity and positivism on the part of this figure, makes team members knowhow to act according to their interests and win their trust.

An example of this is found at the general meeting, specifically when Max is presented to the Hospital’s team of professionals through the narration of his tragic personal experience, this fact being the reason why he decided to take the reins and promote the necessary changesthat the health system needs at the general level;And as for the hospital he directs, he proposes as a goal to improve the functioning of the center and other deficiencies, being an openly expressed objective to all.

For this, it is necessary that there is an effective exchange of information, ideas or thoughts according to principles that correspond to the objectives set by the leader himself and that are transferred, in turn, to the rest of the collaborators, which internalize as their ownand vice versa. Max starts a leadership model thanks to which he creates a climate of trust that allows his subordinates to refute their ideas and show new forms of action, as is the case with DR. Vijay who discovers a diagnostic error in her patient.

Educational field

Extrapolating this idea of leadership to the educational field, we would like.

Likewise, the quality of these centers, which encompasses the management, organization, personal and environment, is conditioned by the degree of involvement and the set of competences that this directive figure has, but also depends, to a large extent, the style ofleadership that possesses.

Adopt the authentic leadership model by the director of a high school, involves adopting a clear vision of how a school should be and the way to introduce improvements in the teaching and learning process. These ethical foundations and principles must be transmitted clearly and precisely to all teaching staff, in addition to other external professionals involved in the education of the discontethat speak for itself.

In turn, it will be necessary to adopt a relaxed and trustworthy position that encourages other professionals more distant from the positive integration of these educational values.

In addition, the director should rely on professionalism and/or teaching work, as well as the involvement of students who are part of the center. Therefore, you must have high expectations with respect to the people involved in the center, involving, in turn, in the teaching processes that are taught.

Together with all this and to achieve a positive organizational environment, it should control the variables that affect the proper functioning of the center, as well as using originality with respect to the structuring of the center and the resources that are part of it.

As a conclusion, we would like to highlight that an adequate management of a school begins with the decisions taken by the management team, so that a correct performance of these agents, causes teachers to feel even more motivated towards their work and, if we include the autonomy and trust that will be granted, a greater commitment to respect for their functions.

These two elements would be the necessary pillars to generate emotions and dynamics capable of joining the entire educational community, since not being able to apply the education that each one defends demotivates;And, in addition, by promoting this feeling, the teacher himself creates a negative environment that affects the disc that is and, therefore, the entire center as a whole.

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