Leadership And Management In The Digital Era

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Leadership and management in the digital era

Busquets infers that innovation is a strategy issue for organizations to have a long -term survival, to have new business forms. Digitization will contribute greater flexibility and effectiveness, not innovating will disappear as happened with blockbuster. According to Toledo if the organizations do not assume a role of digital transformation will lose spaces in front of the competition, they will stagnate by having less loyalty with customers, they are located in a confrof place, they lose that opportunity of growth and will be less effective. Walsh and Volini infers that the organization that has a valuable performance, are those that operate with empowered, coordinated networks and information systems, they also are on their way to reorganize the organization, with these networks in the digital era. Walsh and Volini These technologies are replacing the hierarchies of companies where you can notice that future companies that submerge in the digital age, to have a speed in all fields and have greater benefits.

According to Yamakawa to have a technological leadership, organizations must think how to include their processes and operations this technology to be competitive, efficient and productive is where a commitment must be had from senior management, with an idea of the future. Rocasalvatella infers that 21st century professionals must have the eight competencies that are basic. Digita knowledge, information management, network work, continuous learning, digital communication, network leadership, strategic vision and customer orientation. Walsh and Volini say that to be successful in a digital world, leaders are needed that have a cognitive, behavioral and emotional transformation, it is there that the needs of current organizations require their leaders to acquire digital abilities and begin to lead. RIGHT MANAGEMENT MANPOWER Group states that leaders and organizations that are ready for leadership in the digital age must promote the ability to learn and a culture to innovate because for the years that are coming, skills that do not exist today will be required.

Finally, it can be concluded so that civil construction organizations do not stay stagnant, they are at the forefcan lead in the following years. It is of the utmost importance that to initiate the use of these technologies, an overview with appropriate strategies and a commitment from the managers of these organizations to make the changes, learn new skills and acquire the competences they demand today for today for theA leadership in the digital era. The construction companies in Peru are not yet totally digitized because a greater commitment of the CEOS is required, some fears have to be overcome to the status quo. The most representative civil construction companies in Peru in recent years have been submerged in corruption issues which have been neglected in acquiring new technologies. One of the companies that leads in the digital age is Cosapi that in recent years is leading and expanding its business billboard and have very important contracts both in the public and private sector. Peruvian companies that have a leadership in the digital age have enormous benefits, greater profits. It is very important that organizations and different professionals are able to accept change, relear, learn and evolve.  

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