Leadership And Its Skills Set

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Leadership and its skills set


In this present essay we will talk about the subject that has been very intrigued in society. Leadership is a set of skills that serve to influence the way of thinking or acting of each of the people.

One of the big questions we constantly hear what is done is a leader is born or done? This question has been found some answers where we cannot define a clear hypothesis in order to make it valid, such as when it is said to be hereditary, when a child of a known leader will be a leader as his father.

All in the background we are born with the gift of being leaders, just just getting it out and developing those skills that make us be, improving in our work and as a person, transforming everything bad into good and simply having the willto want to achieve it.

In the field of business administration leadership is the exercise of executive activity in a project, in an efficient and efficient way, whether personal, managerial or institutional. In this area, leadership is considered to be started by the management leaders since they have the responsibility of maintaining excellent relationships inside and outside their organizations and are the ones that must have the ability to respect people, empowerthe roles of all their collaborators at the same time that they teach and demand them.

Leadership can be interpreted as a way of being, a way of thinking, way of directing and seeing how the things that are molded over the years, as a process of interaction between members of a group interested in theprogress of an organization for which you are working or simply to work on its own, when you want to propose an improvement in itself, proof of everything you can do or what you are capable of doing and achieve indifferent areas of your daily life, always thinking that everything must be better and draw us the goal that to be a leader you do not need to have a good position at work, but only the value and courage are needed to be able to get thatLeader that we carry within us, because it is clear that we all carry an internal leader, it is enough that everyone wants to develop and take it to the flourish with new challenges.

There are some particular characteristics that can be distinguished between a normal person to one who has its leader was working, these skills are responsible for enhancing and producing the best changes in the person so that it can be performed in the different areas in whichIt is surrounded.

Some characteristics that we can have of a good leader are:

  • Always have a positive thought;Of all the characteristics that a good leader has, this could be one of the most important and primary.
  • To be honest;The truth should always be the biggest weapon of a good leader.
  • Know how to delegate;As we know a good leader cannot do everything by itself.
  • Encourage good communication;The lack of communication leads to a failure, that is why there must always be communication with all the people who collaborate with us.
  • Inspire a specific group;The group will be discouraged if the lack of motivation is found, that is why the role of the leader must be to convey and inspire confidence in people.
  • Establish strategies for a balanced life;This speaks that not everything should be 100% work since if it is done, it will be less effective at work, you must rest and take time to be able to perform at the work that is being carried out.
  • Align the team;A team must be fixed to a goal and the leader is in charge of this task.
  • Give credits when appropriate;People who do their job or who reach goals must be rewarded, give them credit to feel motivated and their trust increases.
  • Appreciate the achievements;Although an achievement is very small, you must recognize and appreciate that achievement that has been fulfilled, as much as it is.
  • Foster growth;A good leader must encourage growth and development by all their collaborators or people around them.
  • Be the guide;A good leader should never act as a boss, he should not exercise his influence using power, but you have to know how to guide and help.
  • Foster good habits;For a project to be successful, they must be happy and productive and its key is in the promotion of good habits in life.
  • Maintain a neutral position;Favoritism should not exist in a healthy environment of much lower work by the leader, that is why you should always focus on demonstrating that all collaborators are treated equally, without any kind of distinction.


These characteristics that we have just mentioned although there are some that could be underway in the administrative field as mentioned, since there is a leader is one who is in charge of a group of people with whom he works together to reach a purposeor a goal that is usually taken a project from the company in which you are working. It is very clear that talking in administrativeYou must know how to be a good leader for your work team because if not, the exercise that is required to reach the purpose that has been had from the beginning cannot be carried out.

There are many definitions of how to be a leader or as a good leader is, all this depends on the author we are talking about, it is clear that each person has their different point of view and that is why we have different types of leaders, as personal, work, among others.

What we are going to address in this topic of leadership is like being a good leader without the need for us to have a job position, or how to be without the need to have a position in some business organization, because in order to be, we do not need anything of any ofThat is simply a matter of wanting to be and thus begin to develop it little by little over time.

You don’t have to have a position to be a leader 


While it is true, to be a good leader we do not need a high -ranking executive position to be. We are all born with that leader, just know how to get it.

We are all born geniuses, but unfortunately, most of us die in mediocrity. That refers to the fact that not everyone manages to get that internal leader we carry, but think they are not good at all or simply have not interested them anything that can lead them to that magnificent life that it is to be a good leader and take everyonethose people an amazing teaching of us.

To be a good leader day by day we must see our life with different eyes, doing everything with love, carrying out our activities with the greatest desire to do it perfectly and that people know the work we do. If you own your own business, no matter what range or position you have at your job, if you are an independent worker, we all start from below and we must always reflect on the importance of using leadership at all times or instant of our lives.

When we have problems, we have gone through difficult situations or poorly lived experiences, we can carry out a life project in which no one has confidence in us, we must be willing to achieve it and achieve it, this should not be any impediment toSomeone who wants to get ahead, since a good point of a good leader must be his human warmth and companionship. Doing things well all the time regardless of what work you perform, leaving a mark in that place and you are remembered as a good human being you will know the true value of being a good leader. When we begin to reach true leadership, we do not need a high position, it is not needed to do the job, with the fact of behavior we can take many honors and the respect of the people who work with us.

In the book of Sharma Robin "the leader who had no charge" four natural powers are mentioned of which leadership develops, which must be promoted every day, which are;

  • Natural power 1. We all have the power to go to work every day and give our best. And for that you don’t have to have a position.
  • Natural power 2. We have the power to inspire, influence and extol all the people we find through the gift of good example. And for that you don’t have to have a position.
  • Natural power 3. All of us can create positive changes to negative conditions. And for that you don’t have to have a position.
  • Natural power 4. All of us who know the truth about leadership can treat all those involved in an organization with respect, appreciation and goodness and, in doing so, raise the culture of the organization to the best of the best. And for that you don’t have to have a position.

In addition to the four natural powers, it refers to 5 rules to be a good leader who are: innovate, mastery, authenticity, great value and ethics (Image).

We must consider that to do an excellent job we always need to innovate, we should not stay stagnant, new strategies, new values must be promoted and overcome what did not work in the past. This is due to the fact that the country changes constantly and has increasingly large advances and there are better inventions, so we have to change what is not working and make it better to make it work.

You must ask questions every day like what can I improve today? In order to constantly reinvent ourselves along our way, that is the essence of innovation.

Master is the only way to work in these changing times. If you aspire to less, you will be behind. This refers to everything you do must do it with your heart, so that people who are around you have in mind that everything you do is excellent and as a result they want to follow your example and want to do their best of themas you do. Commit to being the first, the only one the most and the best.

There is a strong pressure in society that refers to how we should be as people, how to behave and what will be the way of working, but leadership consists of making deaf ears to the noisy voices of others to be able to clearly hear the messageand the call from your interior. It’s about feeling safe in your own skin and learning to trust yourself so that you work following your own values, express your original voice and be the best you can be. It’s about knowing who you are, what do you defend, and then have the courage to be consistent with yourself in any situation, not only when it is good for you. It is about being real, consistent and congruent, that your actions in the world reflect how you are inside. And being authentic and faithful to yourself means knowing your potential and aspiring to mastery, because that is what you are really. We must always be faithful to who we are, not to be who want us to be the people around us.

Risk will always be a key to achieving success. The great business value is not as much as what we always want to do, dare to something that seems impossible but that in the end we know that we can achieve it. The dream must be made more ambitious and therefore the mastery must increase, thus finding resistance, going with the obstacles that arise, listening to those people who try to discourage us, to all that we must give the great value toWhat we want to achieve.

Finally, we should never forget ethics, that at this time many people forgot, leaving it behind for several issues as the fast money has been, leaving behind that it is not to make the business good. We must never be wrong to do the right thing, excellence will always cross the honor, which meets an enormous satisfaction of having done and doing everything with a good righteousness always leading ethics above all we are doing, as well asthat our reputation is always on the edge of the right and that others speak very well of us.

Turbulent times create great leaders


When we are going with many personal, family or work problems we should never give up, we must always have the priority of what we are fighting. Difficult moments are passengers, but strong people are always there. Hard conditions are opportunities to become heroes and the times that represent a challenge, both in business and in life, are incredible opportunities to transform disaster into success into success.

Many of the times to be able to get the power from leadership, one must first have happened with some strong problems or a situation that made us fight against current, showing our potential for struggle and effort to realize what we are able to bearand to do. We must never bend our heads, we must always look forward perhaps that is an opportunity that life is giving us to get our potential and be much better person. Never give up and face what life is giving us to improve will be the key to success.

Sometimes some difficult things happen to us in life, we take everything with a super heavy thought that we cannot carry with it, we blame and load with guilt because what is happening is ruining our life, without realizing that this can be thebeginning of something new. Of all the bad that fences us through our life we must always have a positive mind, never give us up or we must put excuses to leave things as they are or worse, throwing us into a deep hole where notThere will be an exit.

It is already the task of us if we want to move forward or stagnate, but we must always remember that God gives the great battles to their best warriors. Let’s think that this is to improve what we are doing or doing, of the bad there will always be something good. 

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