Law Of Attraction For Your Life

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Law of attraction for your life


The idea about attracting good events to our lives just by imagining them sounds like a fairy tale and another form of collective manipulation. However, supporters of the law of attraction have many evidence and examples to support their beliefs. We have all heard very often that positive thinking in one of the most important factors to achieve well -being and success. And although positive thinking alone is not enough to make our dreams come true, this has a significant impact on our lives. Then the secrets that are hidden under the doctrines of the law of attraction can be a very interesting psychological trick.


The law of attraction is a kind of philosophy, based on the belief that human emotions and thoughts create a certain energy that attracts corresponding events. Those who propose this law often refer to Buddhism and quantum physics in their views. The law of attraction says that a person, through his thoughts and attitudes, emits vibrations of his body, that concentrate a certain energy in him. In a nutshell, the law of attraction can be described as the driving force of human thoughts.

Today, the law of attraction as philosophical thought has become very extensive. His followers not only base their beliefs on psychological premises and their own intuitions, but also on some sciences, such as quantum physics, neurobiology and evolutionary biology. It is taken for granted, that each human being uses this law throughout his life, but the key to achieving happiness and compliance with dreams is to use it consciously.

The principles of the law of attraction are based, to some extent, on the teachings of Plato, who said that "the like attracts the similar". This is one of the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, according to which the vibrations sent by people attract corresponding energies. Thus, a person who is surrounded only by bad thoughts will have a greater tendency to attract problems and diseases, while another with a positive attitude and desire to fulfill their dreams, will attract good events.

The vision of energy and vibrations is closely related to the theories that originate in the laws of physics. According to the followers of the Law of Attraction, thoughts are a kind of energy with a certain frequency. That is why several emotions influence the creation of the world around a person. When someone concentrates their energy around a given thought, it gives a causal power, which causes a sequence of events in their life. This phenomenon is closely related to the psychological aspect of human nature and can be described as a "self-fulfilling prophecy". It often happens that a person who behaves in a certain way, makes certain things come true, because he has assumed it in advance.

The law of attraction has also found its place in medicine, especially in psychology. Doctors can point out many situations in which the condition of patients has improved significantly under the influence of their thoughts. Scientists emphasize the close relationship between positive thoughts and the general level of life satisfaction. This position is also adopted by some neurologists, who emphasize the importance of visualization in daily life. It turns out that people who imagine a better future are more willing to achieve their goals. Psychologists also encourage the use of affirmation as a therapeutic complement. It is used, among others, to treat trauma and depression.

Supporters of the Law of Attraction affirm that visualization is one of the fundamental principles of this philosophy. Only a deep and conscious approach to energy will attract the desired experience. However, there is also an underlying danger, since the universe does not distinguish between positive and negative vibrations and much less understand the word "no". It can be the case of a person who thinks of a thing that does not want much, unconsciously concentrates his energy in it, which attracts this same thing. That is why supporters of the Law of Attraction encourage people to change the way they formulate their thoughts.

How to eliminate negative energy

Many people listening to the law of attraction for the first time rejected it on the spot. One of the arguments of those who oppose this belief is that if sufficient positive vibrations to attract good experiences, there would be no diseases, sufferings and sorrows in the world. However, the matter is not so simple, since many people when they think only focus on desire and not on the purpose itself. They want to be happy, but they don’t visualize it enough and I can’t achieve a path that allows them to achieve it. In addition, rejecting negative thoughts is a very difficult practice to dominate. The key to success here is to learn to reject the feeling of having a life full of shortcomings. This is what cheats many people who focus only on their momentary desires and whims, influenced by what they lack. Such a thought leads them to fall into the trap of negative thought even if they are not fully aware of it.

Other practices used by the followers of the Law of Attraction is the exercise of gratitude. It consists of focusing on the things you already have and that cause you happiness. This produces positive energy, which facilitates the visualization of new objectives.


Like any belief, the law of attraction has its supporters and detractors. Each side exposes its reasons, after all, nothing in the world is totally white or black. It is true that human thoughts have a significant impact on life and surrounding reality, but their action is not as idealistic as followers of the law of attraction would like. The key to achieving the objectives is, above all, the action, to which the statements really give force. Human behavior is largely based on a person thinks of themselves and their environment, so it may seem that the energy released by the person causes an avalanche of events that fall on it. Just combining rational thoughts with emotions will bring the expected results,

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