Language, The Biggest Communication Sign

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Language, the biggest communication sign

 Language, being an instrument of communication, is linked to our daily life. Day by day, we interact, we communicate and interact. Because of language, a manifestation of thought and behavior is expressed in which different personal developments are shown. Not only speaking and interacting with other people can be described as language, but also different activities as communication from other senses such as signs interact. In this essay I will deal with this subject and answer the next question: to what extent does language shape thought and behavior?

Language plays an important role to people’s behavior and thinking. From language, man creates culture. Apart from the fact that language is a means of communication so that individuals interact together, also show the human behavior and behavior of human beings. A person who was interested in the subject was Michel Foucault, a philosopher, who claimed that language was the representation of our thinking.

The behavior is affected depending on the form of knowledge, being in this case one of the most essential, language. Normally one would think that language is part of our behavior, of our way of being, but if you reflect it, it is not so. Language is the one that adapts our behavior because from the way you develop, for personal and collective experiences, language can be varied and changed. Thinking about daily life, at present, last year a film called "The Arrival" was released in which it is reflected as language affects thought and as from it it is developed. In the film it looks as a translator tries to communicate with extraterrestrial beings that have reached the earth. This makes this famous question think that many people have come to do, would your way of thinking would be modified by the language in which you speak? Humans communicate between us using a variety of languages, but in reality, does our language modify the way of seeing the world? From my opinion, language does influence the way we see the world. For example, when colors differ. There is an investigation that says that the Russians are more skilled to differentiate the types of shades from the blue than those who speak English. The Russians make a mandatory distinction between light blue and dark blue. In this way they could distinguish the different colored shades faster. As seen, depending on the development of the country, having different cultures, the thought respectively to the colors in this case is different.

Every word we use is wrapped in a multitude of personal meanings, all based on our experiences and our knowledge. Throughout history, great leaders have used the power of words to transform our emotions. From Churchill to the representation of a dream of Martin Luther King. In this way, personal behavior has been able to vary from what words have come to convey us. Words provide us with a vehicle to express and share our experiences with others. Words can change how you feel like you think, how you feel and how do you live. 

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