Lam Tsuen And Its Importance For The Chinese New Year

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Lam Tsuen and its importance for the Chinese New Year

A tree of desire is an ideal place where those who believe in their possession and energy provide a tribute. These are integrated into a multitude of cultures throughout the world. The species used for them are also very different, as well as the types of offering that are deposited at their feet or in their branches. These trees, a source of spirituality and deep religious value, carry the hopes and desires of all the people who come to them. We will talk about Lam Tsuen trees, in China, a unique landscape to enjoy and photograph.

Lam Tsuen and the New Year celebration

The Lam Tsuen Valley is located in the north of the continental zone of the country’s capital. This town was born during Sung dynasty, more than 700 years ago. In addition, it was British colony and still retains unique traditions and old rites of the region. During the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, there are many tourists who approach this town to celebrate it. During this date, Lam Tsuen tries to park the work and social stress, typical of today’s Chinese society, to meet and celebrate one of the most important celebrations in the country.

Lam Tsuen offers endless activities related to the Chinese New Year, as well as the opportunity to test one of the oldest and most traditional dishes of Hong Kong. This dish called Poon Choi, which literally means ‘feast in sweep’, is composed of fish, vegetables and other spices, which make it a delicacy. However, one of Lam Tsuen’s greatest attractions are the trees of desires. More and more popular not only among the Chinese population, they are an iconic point of the town where offerings are offered and wishes are hung, in addition to placing incense in order to attract good luck.

Lam Tsuen’s wishes trees

Near the capital of China, Hong Kong, in the town of Lam Tsuen, is the Temple of Tin Hau. The enclosure is a place of pilgrimage and highly valued by lovers of traditional Chinese architecture. However, it is his two Banyan trees that attract thousands of tourists during the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

These Bengal Higueras, a common name with which the species is known, are responsible for carrying with the wishes of all those who deposit their faith in them. Wishes are written in a strong paper or cloth, usually red or pink, and hangs from the tree branch. Then a wand of incense that is placed inside an orange is turned on. This hangs from the end of the message. In this way the participants pray to ask for a prosperous year.

At present, a fiberglass tree has been introduced to replace one of the Banyan. This measure was taken after a serious accident where a branch came off breaking the hip of a 65 -year -old man. The artificial tree is approximately seven meters high and, although it still does not just convince the population, it does have the support of the government and nature lovers.

Other fate trees

In Scotland there is a thorn that is traditionally related to fertility. The trunk and branches of this tree are covered with coins to attract the wishes of the people who approach it. In fact, in this same country we can find other fate trees that use pieces of fabric and papers where desires are exposed, as with Lam Tsuen trees.

Similarly, in other eastern countries we find other fate trees. Within Hindu culture, there is a tree called Kalpavriksha that represents eternal life. This quality is attributed to its constant growth, so there are many who come to it in search of desires related to longevity. This tree is also a banian or flags of Bengal, the same species as the trees of Lam tsuen.

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