Labor Safety And Hygiene, A Right To Work In Decent Conditions

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Labor Safety and Hygiene, a right to work in decent conditions


Many social, cultural and scientific changes have transformed the way of seeing, understanding and living life. This progress allows us to see existence differently.

Each human being has a biological life that is the basis of everything, since without it we could not do the most elementary, but life also has a somewhat deeper sense, that we develop beyond the strictly material. That is why it is said that life is the most valuable and appreciated good of every human being. That is why it is very important to defend it and take care of the dangers and risks.

Life unlike the machines cannot be domesticated or programmed to avoid a number of risk situations, the risks will be in almost everything one does in this world .There are their own risks in humans, but they are not always good. The life of human beings is surrounded by dangers, in every place, from the house to the workplace or studies, in the places of recreation, education and in every place where we are still, perhaps more, on the way tothey.

Therefore, knowing how to recognize risks is the basis of our life development. Work accidents in general vary depending on the frequency, severity and consequences, but in any way they leave consequences. The same can be said of occupational diseases, which occur more and more frequently. The above results in the importance of safety and hygiene at work.

Safety and health at work is one of the most important aspects of work activity. Work without appropriate safety measures can lead to serious health problems. In this sense, many times security is not taken so seriously, so it can cause serious problems not only for employees but also for employers or entrepreneurs.

The essay allows to convey the knowledge acquired during the development of the Professional Career of Business Administration and articulated to the research itself on the importance of hygiene and occupational safety.

Labor Safety and Hygiene

As we all know in recent decades globalization had and still have large amounts of profits or wealth, and despite this the results for which we produce wealth with our daily work, poverty remains very high in some certain areas excluded, theinequality is increasing .Informality, underemployment and lack of protection or safety at work has not decreased but deepens. In this context of facts, Law No. 29783 has been approved, Labor Health and Safety Law which establishes ‘the obligation of member states to implement a occupational risk prevention policy and monitor compliance;the duty of employers to identify, evaluate, prevent and communicate the risks at work to their workers;and the right of workers to be informed of the risks of the activities they provide, among others ’(work, 2012)

When we talk about hygiene and occupational safety in the work environment we include all people with the purpose of maintaining the social, physical and mental well -being of all employees.

For this reason it constitutes a true challenge for professionals committed to the development of companies, the economy and above all things to use prevention as the main security tool. The Leonard Medicine Nobel Prize, Joseph refers that "safety and health is everyone’s task" … health is not everything but without it, everything else is nothing " 

“Unfortunately, most of the measurements that are currently practiced in the field of security make it necessary that accidents that mean losses of a certain consideration have to happen first, before the identification of the problems caused by these accidents is possible”(DR. W.Tarant)

Those who do security should try to advance the problems, not solve problems, if we hope that accidents occur to avoid futures we will always be behind the problem, it does not mean that this should not be done, of course we must correct the conditions that the conditions that the conditions that the conditions thatThey lead to producing accidents with the purpose that are not repeated, but it is also essential that we analyze the risks before they produce accidents.

Man has always had the need to protect himself from the adversities and inclement environment and other living beings that share the earth with him. Historically, during the first period of prehistory or stone age, human beings manufactured and created their first weapons and tools, being the most advanced technology at the time, it is possible that it has had inconvenience when using them, it is also possible that you have sufferedLesions due to falls, projections and entrapments among other causes. Subsequently when the Bronze Age begins, and with it the development of agriculture and artisanal practices, there is no doubt that the risks increased and with them accidents.

“The industrial revolution was a great event for humanity, which was characterized by the mechanization of industry and agriculture, the application of motor force, the progress of transport and communications and the development of factories, but to thetime was the origin of the development of occupational safety and health.”(Aguilar, 2015)

While it is true that the ignorance of risks is the cause of many of the accidents, it is also true that the contempt for life and unconsciousness is in most cases the cause of fatal accidents.

In 1916 the International Labor Organization ILO.

At present, technological advancement and the incorporation of multiple products, machines, tools and instruments in work processes have led to the safety and hygiene at work acquire increasing importance, fundamentally, in the preservation of theworkers’ health, but also in the search for companies to be more productive.

As a consequence, “the participation of employers or companies and workers is decisive to structure and execute preventive measures of accidents and diseases in order to promote the improvement of the conditions in which labor activities are carried out” (Cussianovich, 2010)

"The comprehensive recognition of work as a right and its realization in fair and decent conditions, is an aspiration that dates back many years, whose application requires the overcoming of structural conditions that have historically marked a reality of exploitation" 

The Peruvian Political Constitution in labor matters recognizes respect for the dignity of working people, through the full exercise of their rights. This implies fair remuneration and remuneration, as well as healthy work environments and job stability. Therefore, it is necessaryworker and the economic and social dimension of life is learned.

Labor safety and hygiene should not only be assumed as a prevention area, but as a space for socialization and development of personal and social identity. Work is a right therefore “it is a condition that dignifies the person, but reality shows us that many public and private company workers work in precarious or exploitation conditions, deepened by the application of government neoliberal policiesand globalization sharpen the increase in unemployment, poverty and extreme poverty ”(Manthoc, 2002)


Given these trends on work, it is necessary to strengthen the identity of the worker and the valuation of the worker’s work based on training programs framed in the needs and interest of workers. Considering as important elements for decent work: human satisfaction and realization, the contribution of development of the appropriate capabilities, schedules and days, the appropriate salary to the task performed and most importantly, having a healthy and safe work space, and because safety and health is everyone’s task. 

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