Labor Motivation And Satisfaction

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Labor motivation and satisfaction


Palma, s. Defines job satisfaction as the behaviors and attitudes assumed by the worker within his work environment;Attitudes are directly related to the perception that the person has about their employment. We also consider the fact that if the work to be performed is adequate or related to the worker, in terms of needs, values and manifestations of behavior or traits. 

Labor satisfaction is related to personal behaviors, this is closely linked to behavior and work results obtained, job satisfaction is a topic of great importance today, since it has been determined that people not only seek job forEar money, but also seek to meet personal and affiliation needs to a certain social group.


Fleishman, defines job satisfaction as “the result or consequence of the experience of the employee in the job, in relation to their own values, that is, what you want or expect from it. It can be considered that satisfaction has a sense similar to pleasure ”. Locke, mentions that job satisfaction is a positive emotional state that is perceived as pleasant by the individual, it is a perception of subjective characteristics referring to work -type experiences, creating various feelings of well -being, happiness and pleasant related torealization of a certain task or work.

In Lima, Sonia Palma generated 7 factors based on a scale called job satisfaction of Sonia Palma Carrillo, in which he considers: physical conditions and/or materials, labor and/or remunerative benefits, administrative policies, social relations, personal development, performance of performance oftasks, relationship with authority. This also refers to 7 factors in job satisfaction:

Physical and/or material conditions: refers to the physical environment and infrastructure where work activities will finally be carried out, a cozy environment is undoubtedly an essential factor when performing a certain task. That is why a fundamental policy within the organization is aimed at providing adequate physical spaces and environmental conditions, this will result in a feeling of feeling satisfied improving the execution of daily activities. 

Labor and/or remuneration benefits: unquestionably the salary must be as fair as possible and proportional to the tasks performed, this creates an environment of job satisfaction, since a salary that covers the worker’s expectations will be satisfied. We cannot forget that it is not only about wages, the issue of complying with all the requirements of law and the assurance that the worker needs not only for him, but also for his family, is also important.

  • Administrative policies: it is the agreement against the institutional guidelines or norms aimed at regulating the employment relationship. Workers are going to feel satisfied when the organization’s administrative policies are aimed at providing workers with all the necessary conditions for adequate performance. 
  • Social relations: Competitiveness has as one of its pillars to promote healthy work climates, with positive interpersonal relationships. When there is a conflicting work environment in an organization, workers will feel dissatisfied and choose to form subcultures, this results in little competitive organizations and renunciation of personnel for issues of the work environment.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Every organization provides growth and development opportunities not only personnel, but also professional, the organization that does not contemplate within its policies opportunities for improvement and growth for their workers, will house unattered workers, this will result in a high rate ofresignation. 
  • Task Performance: Autonomy at work and the delegation of responsibilities within the organization generates a climate of job satisfaction, the feeling of a worker by having defined a good work translates into personal and work satisfaction.
  • Relationship with authority: trust and enjoyable treatment, respectful and friendly, creates affinity in the worker, as well as the delegation of responsibilities by the Headquarters guarantees that the worker feels satisfied.


According to Brown, one of the frequent problems when studying the degree of job satisfaction is a possible error in the results obtained, this because employees can provide inaccurate data for fear or labor conditions. That is why an important strategy to dissipate fear, the elaboration of evidence that guarantees the complete anonymity, scientifically and statistically validated. Also, this test has three important purposes in companies: 

They are a way of knowing from the beginning what are the sources of discontent or dissatisfaction. It serves as therapy because it helps responders to free themselves from pressures, resentments and work tensions. The usefulness of the result can be used to change organizational aspects in order to improve and eliminate the feeling of dissatisfaction. Giving employees the opportunity to obtain the improvements they require, attending their needs.    

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