Labor Mining Exploitation In Nambija

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Labor mining exploitation in Nambija

The essence of this essay is the creation of a narrative on mining in NambijA life story, George Aguilar Romero’s life story.

George was born in Piñas, El Oro, Ecuador, in the year of 1962, from a very young age already served in different labor fields, and was developing a great fondness for traveling, which took him, once the secondary school was over, to workAs a miner in Nambija, in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, and it is this experience that had in this historically marginalized area of Ecuador so that I think his life is worth being told, since his testimony will not only serve to make a footprintGeorge’s life, but will also help to give voice to the thousands of miners and relatives of these who have seen how their lives have been consumed, one way or another by exploitationMinera.

To get into the bowels of the problem that occurs in Nambija, we must know a little the stages of mineral development: exploration, mining and processing, which have caused different types of environmental damage, which include ecological alterations, destruction of natural flora and fauna, air, earth and water pollution, soil instability and rock masses. To this are added the constant dangers of degradation and radiation. Small -scale gold mining in southern Ecuador is causing considerable environmental impacts, the most important related to the discharge of metals, metalloids and cyanide in adjacent rivers.

In rivers, these pollutants are generally not present in water soluble forms, but are associated with suspended particles and as a sediment in the river bed. However, high levels in biota show that these pollutants are easily bioavailable. These results suggest the need to consider the suspended and sediment phases when evaluating the impacts on water quality and establishing adequate environmental standards for water quality. Contaminating discharges are almost completeTo achieve good environmental performance among small miners these findings suggest that Ecuadorian politics needs to develop to allow artisanal and small -scale miners to become larger.

Environmental damage in turn has resulted in the waste of arable land, as well as crops. Since much of the damage is inevitable, if minerals must develop, both the government and the mining industry must participate in the taking of precautions and corrective measures that can minimize the harmful effects of mineral development. The emphasis should move from the elimination of waste to the minimization of waste by classification and recycling of reagents. Although the government must provide the regulatory legislation for the appropriate sanctions, mineral producing companies are expected.

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