La Regenta: The Book

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La Regenta: The book


I used to think that the worst that could happen to my life was to finish alone. But not. The worst is to end people who make you feel alone. Loneliness has become feared by people, by people who believe that loneliness disappears when they physically have someone by their side. But it is not, loneliness goes far beyond that. It is thought that loneliness is only a factor present in the life of certain people who have not learned to enjoy and live their life. However, loneliness has a great influence on the development of people within their social environment. In this case, it will be taken as a reference to explain this topic, the life of Ana Ozores in the book "La Regenta" written by Leopoldo Alas, Clarín.


When talking about loneliness, we can highlight two types. Social loneliness and emotional loneliness. Social refers to cases in which people do not maintain social relationships with more people who belong to their environment, for fear of rejection or betrayal;These people do not easily trust people and usually in a group of friends feel they do not match. Unlike this, social loneliness refers to the sensations of vacuum, isolation or loss that a person may experience, after having suffered the loss of an important person or simply not being able to find himself or find something that completes them.

In relation to the life of Ana Ozores, it can be said that it did not suffer from social loneliness, since despite despising the stereotypes and rules established by the society of that time, it has always been found very well accompanied by Víctor Quintanar, Petra andof other people who became important in their life. On the contrary, it can be affirmed that Ana, also known as the Regenta suffered from an emotional loneliness, which began in her childhood, after the death of her mother and never having established a good relationship with her father. She was always repressed to do what she wanted, she got used every night crying and looking for a refuge in her white sheets. 

At his young age, and with the desire to escape his loneliness, he was forced to marry Don Víctor Quintanar, who was a forty -year -old man, former regent of the city of Vetusta. Ana had a different image of her husband, she did not see him as a man with whom she could connect her body and soul to love him: but she saw him as a comprehensive and good father who gave her support to calm her after the attack of the attack ofnerves that she suffered, also helped her recover the tranquility of her spirit.

Because of the desire he had to escape his loneliness, he tried to find something that fills her, began to take refuge in religion. Through some verses he read, he tried to connect with the Virgin Mary, whom she tried to resemble and admire deeply. Ana felt very unsatisfied, since she led a life without love. When trying to seek to love and be loved, he despairs and his anguish becomes so great that he seriously ill with nerve attacks. At that point it is when Álvaro Mesía appears in his life, creating in the ruler a great feeling of passion and love made him. On the other hand, Ana confuses her desire to hold on to religion through the masterful with love made him. When her husband dies and her lover escapes, Ana falls to her solitude, as it is explicit in the book:

With all the soul he had believed Ana that she was going to go crazy. A marasmus of the spirit that caused moral atony;I was horrified to think that in such days they were indifferent to her virtue and crime, sorrow and glory, good and bad. God, as she said, made crumbs in the brain and then felt an environmental abandonment and a weakness of the will that tormented and panic;The extreme of torture was the contempt of logic, the doubt of the laws of thought and the word, and finally the fading of the awareness of his unity: he believed the regenta that his moral faculties separated, which within itThere was no one to be, Ana, mainly and genuine.


Concluding thus, after having taken as a reference the life of Ana Ozores in the book "La Regenta" can be evidenced that emotional loneliness influences in a negative way the development of people in their social environment, since they feel alone, they try to complement each other seeking refuge in one person or another aspect such as religion. In addition to trying to get out of their loneliness they can suffer from psychological disorders that will only worse their relationship with their social environment.  

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