Krakow: A Place Full Of History In Poland

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Krakow: A place full of history in Poland


Krakow is a beautiful place on the banks of the Vistula River and one of the oldest, emblematic and best preserved cities in Poland, with more than a thousand years of history, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978. Legend has it that Krakow was born thanks to the feat of a prince who kill a dragon named Krak. Krakow is located south of Poland, in the region near the Carpatos, located on the banks of the Vistula River, whose tour of the country is from south to north. There are many options to travel to Krakow, by bus, by car, by train or by plane, but it will only depend on you to choose the indicated not only based on the budget but also at the distance of the route


Now if your desire is not to make stops, it is advisable to travel by plane, since the route is shorter. This medieval city is full of sites of interest, so if you are in it you can not stop visiting the Plaza del Mercado, located in the heart of the old town, the Wawel hill or the Jewish neighborhood, the Auschwitz concentration camp-Birkenau and the impressive salt mines of Wieliczka. Elevation on the sea. Transport: Krakow is at a height of 219 mt above sea level. It has a total area of 326.8 km² and an approximate population of 1.393.893.

When you visit Krakow the first to do is know its moving history and visit interesting places such as the Auschwitz concentration camp and the salt of Wielickka’s salt mines. Being such a small city, the fundamental attractive sites can be visited on foot, since it is very fenced from each other. Similarly, the city has a public transport system composed of trams and bus. What to see and do in (place that is being used). Market Square, Colina de Wawel, Jewish neighborhood of Cracovia. It is the largest and most beautiful medieval square in Europe.

It has palaces and medieval houses colorists the Sukiennice or Lonja de los Pames, the Tower of the City Council, the Church of San Adalberto and the Basilica of Santa Maria. This hill is located at one end of the historic center. The cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings, it was built more than 1000 years ago and dedicated to San Estanislao. In this temple you can visit the chapel and the great bell of Segismundo, the mausoleum of San Estanislao, the chapel of the Holy Cross and the crypts, where the remains of illustrious characters rest. This historic neighborhood is one of the most lively places in the entire city.

Here you can visit one of its synagogues with its old cemetery, the Nowy Square, Szeroka Street and the Basilica of Corpus Cristi. Florián Puerta, Planty, Milk Bars. This site is where the historic road begins, since it is the main access to the walled medieval city. At this door the royal road began, which the old kings traveled before being crowned and ending at the Wawel Castle. It is a park full of trees, becoming a relaxing place, surrounds the entire center of the city and is ideal for running, walking or just sitting to talk or read.

They were popular dining rooms of the time of communism where hot and cheap dishes served and that today has become ideal places to taste traditional Polish food. Krakow’s location. The city of Krakow is located south of Poland, in the region near the Carpatos, located on the banks of the Vistula River, which makes its tour of the country from the south to the north. This city is divided into 18 administrative districts, each one has a degree of autonomy. Its climate is moderate continental with dry and hot summers and winters are cold with usual snowfall, reaching temperatures below zero.

Best places to visit. Auschwitz concentration camp. It was built by the Germans when they invaded Poland. It is located about 70 km from Krakow, being the main extermination center, where more than one million people arrived murdered. Oskar Schindler factory. Oskar Schindler was a skilled businessman who owned a pot factory and dedicated himself to recruiting Jews from the concentration camps used them and thus saving them and sheltering them in his factory. Wielickka salt mines. These mines are also known by the name of the underground cathedral of the salt of Poland.

It has a depth of 327 meters and a length of more than 300 kilometers where you find cameras and chapels with beautiful sculpted figures. Barbican. It is a castle built in 1499, with a circular plant of 25 meters in diameter, which surrounds it a wall composed of stones and bricks. Tours and walks. Walk through the Jewish neighborhood: this place has become an artistic and fashion. Walk through the historic center: This walk includes the historical places of the central town of the city, the royal road that runs the most precious streets in Krakow.

Visit to the Sanctuary of Lagiewniki: it is one of the best known pilgrimage places, the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy of Lagiewniki. This place is known for having the relics of Santa Faustina. Excursions, panoramic excursion of Krakow. This excursion allows you to deeply explore our city, in addition to offering you a splendid view of the old capital of Poland. Bicycle tourist excursion: it is a very good and easy way to visit places of interest. This excursion begins in the center with the visit to the Plaza del Mercado. Vistula river cruise: this walk is in gondola, where you can appreciate the wawel hill.


In addition to enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Krakow. This cruise begins in Cabo Verde, in the city center. Where to stay in Krakow? Thanks to his popularity as a tourist place in Europe, in Krakow there are a wide variety of hotels, as well as low -cost apartments, in which you can stay when you visit this beautiful city, among the most prominent we have: Campanile Krakow, Holiday Inn KrakowCity Center, Hotel Perfect, Benefis Boutique Hotel, Hotel Delta, Atlantis Hotel, Hotel Monika, Florian Hotel and Pollera, these are some of the many hotels that are at your disposal.

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