Korean War: Ideologies Separation

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Korean War: Ideologies Separation


At the end of World War II, not everything was as imagined, because with the instantaneous appearance of the Cold War, much of the world was devastated and as a consequence of the war many nations suffered drastic changes;As the Korean Peninsula that at the end of the second world war confrontation was divided into two Koreas (North Korea and South Korea), each with a different system or doctrine, thanks to this at dawn on June 25, 1950, 


Kim II Sung and the Popular Army of Korea or "Inmin Gun" crossed the border, applying the operation "Pokpoong" (storm) and invading South Korea, with the excuse that South Korean soldiers had attacked the north of the border, where theNorth Korean attack was made with the approval of the Soviet Union. Because in reality he had already been preparing for a attack for a long time. The invading soldiers arrived in the capital of South Korea, in 3 days.

And in two months they reached the perimeter, which is now known as: Busan. This was a small area of 225 kilometers long at the southern end of the Peninsula and it was where President Rhee could take refuge with members of his government and his troops. Given this the United Nations, the United States and its allies were in support of South Korea, creating the first battle of the war known as the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea or North Korea invaded its neighbor in two months leaving South KoreaWith a small area.

To this the sponsoring power (United States) on June 27 and July 7 next to the UN made a rapid counteroffensive such as the battle of Incheon, with the chromite operation where a amphibious attack that involved 75 thousand soldiers and 261 ships ofGuerra, where the landing of the troops was close to the islands of Wolmi-Do and Green Beach. So that the strategy was a success in favor of the UN returning to North Korean troops beyond the 38th parallel.

The American and Korean army was in charge of the general of the Douglas MacArthur Army, taking on October 19 the capital of North Korea with the offensive "Home by Christmas" (Christmas at home) isolating them in territories near the Yalu River. As the defeat on the north side approached the Chinese People’s Republic sending to 180.000 fighters and the Soviet Union also intervened with military material and in mid -December they pushed South Korean troops.

Making the Communist Army resume Seoul on January 4, 1951, this event makes the American general propose atomic bombing to China and declare war, but both the president of the United States and the United Nations Organization denied the Organization of the United Nationspetition for the fear that arose before a reaction of the Soviet Union and a "nuclear war" is unleashed. Before this the United States replaced General MacArthur with General Ridgway and South Korean, American troops, among other allied armies next to the south side.

They were forced to go back to parallel 38. When the borders were normalized, the USSR expressed its intention not to intervene in the conflict and their desire to coexist the two different policies in the Peninsula, declaring a “military tie” shortly after the death of the president of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, IiSIF Stalin, on March 5, 1953. After much negotiation such as the armistice, a military draw is finally declared, which was suggested by the Soviet Union and declared by the UN.


Dividing the Peninsula in two republics, this occurs on July 27, 1953, the war ceased with the Panmunjom armistice that was based on ensuring the total cessation of hostilities and armed forces, but agreements and negotiations occur since 10July 1951, Kaesong City occupied by North Korea in the province of Hwanghae del Norte, near the southern Korea border, where in 1953 General Nam II and Charles Turney sign the armistice.

The agreement caused the border to be restored between the Koreas near the 38 parallel in a winding way and the demilitarized area of Korea was created where a definitive peace agreement was expected (giving in the 21st century in 2018);a strip of 4 km width between the two countries thus ending the war. By signing the agreement, not everything is solved, because the agreement only ended the war, but peace between these republics was not given.   

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