Knowing The Story Of Rosie The Riveter

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Knowing the story of Rosie the riveter


Naomi Parker Fraley was born on August 26, 1921, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she was the third daughter of Joseph Parker, who worked as a mining engineer, and was formed by Esther Leis, establishing himself as a housewife. The family moved where the work of Mr. Parker took them, lived in New York, Missouri, Texas, Washington, Utah and California, where they settled in Alameda, near San Francisco.

She was a waitress, since her marriage to her first husband presented difficulties being obliged to perform several jobs per hour and as a result of the most catastrophic conflict in the history of humanity given between 1939 and 1945, known as World War II, in Where countless countries faced each other, technological development and the arms industry were given, so Naomi Parker became an American worker for the manufacture of necessary military weapons and teams at the Alameda Naval Air Air Station.


Due to World War II, the production of the United States remained with little progress and on December 7, 1941 the Japanese attack occurs to the American Naval Base of Pearl Harbor on the island of Hawaii. The United States had remained an impartial power until World War II detonated. However, the attack on Pearl Harbor acted as sufficient reason for war to begin, the soldiers were called and as in other countries, millions of women had to fill the posts of men in the factories. The accustomed production was not all that they had to take charge but also the arms production.

All the efforts made by men, build airplanes, tanks, bombs, weapons and bullets had to be made by the labor of women which was essential to become the new economic force that would take forward the United States.

Pamela Dell quotes; Before the war, only one percent of the workers in the aviation industry were women. By 1943, that number had increased to 65 percent, or 3100 workers. But women were necessary everywhere. They fulfilled the call and accepted the challenge. In 1940, 27 percent of American women worked outside the home. By 1945, another 10 percent had joined the workforce. Almost a quarter of all married women now took home a salary.

At the beginning of the process, many of the women had not worked outside their homes, so the main objective was to hire married white women belonging to the middle class or upper class, since most of the women who already had work were The Blanca-American-American working class and women who were easy to hire, but the sudden moment of war I need more working women and the middle class of married white women needed to change their mentality that working outside their homes was “a misfortune ".

Together, the United States was just emerging from the stage of the Great Depression (1929-1939) so that the war was considered an opportunity for the economic growth of the country and the end of the great depression, since the need to obtain arose Work to have income that not only benefited the country but also to each of the citizens, in addition to the increase in wages for working women.

The great industries were accepting the arrival of women to carry out the work that men had left by resulting in the government needing to recruit more women for the action of all kinds of essential work despite the fact that they would have to be hard, dangerous and Mugrientos, the feeling of patriotism in women had to be driven.

Naomi Parker Fraley and her sister Ada were the first women to attend the Alameda Air Naval Station in 1942 to get a job in the machine workshop and were immediately located despite the fact that they would be paid with a 50 cents salary by hour. They had to learn quickly to weld, yield and rivet to fix the plane damaged by the navy fight.


The government created an infinity of propaganda to encourage women, but the one that resonated the most in the nation was that of "Rosie La Reacachadora" which became an iconic force symbol to represent the women’s working women in the United States. Thanks to the image of Rosie, the number of workers increased.   

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