Kidney Characteristics

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Kidney characteristics


The kidneys are excretory organs present in the body of vertebrate animals. Human beings have two kidneys whose shape resembles that of a bean. On the medial edge of each kidney is the hilum, where the ureter, the renal vein, the nerves and the artery passes. Wrapped by a fibrous fabric called renal capsule.


Around each kidney is a fatty fabric. Due to the presence of the liver. The kidneys are the adrenal glands are found. The kidneys have a reddish bean and brown coloration. They have approximately 12 centimeters and weigh up to 170 grams each. Anatomy and histology of the kidneys: the cortex to the renal marrow. 

The renal cortex corresponds to the outermost layer, then the fibrous capsule of the kidney. The crust has reddish coloration and smooth texture. In the renal cortex are the nephrons. The nephron is the basic functional unit of the kidney, responsible for urine formation. Each kidney has thousands of nephrons. The renal marrow has a rough rough. 

Basically the marrow consists of 8 to 18 cuneiform structures, the renal pyramids. Renal pyramids are pipelines of ducts or tubes that collect urine formed in nephrons. The base of the pyramids faces the cortex and the apex with the marrow. In the vertex of each pyramid is the renal papilla. Each papilla is covered by the minor chalice that gather and form the major calices.


Of the major renal chalice, the urine is drained towards the renal pelvis, where the entire urine produced in the kidney is thrown. From the renal pelvis, urine reaches the ureter until it reaches the urinary bladder. As for the external anatomy, there is an upper region where the adrenal and lower gland is located. In the medium region are the hilum, a vertical crack. The renal artery depart from the hilum,

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