Karl Marx And His Philosophical Aspects

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Karl Marx and his philosophical aspects


On this occasion we have Karl Marx and its different philosophical aspects, one of the most debated is in the subject of capitalism, where the essence of compression has a radical transformation of society, philosophy and favors the praxis of practical philosophy as aHuman and social energy source, but tries to look for it through the dialectic of the class struggle. His philosophy was very influential and marked a guideline in the history of humanity in those countries, where the State implemented this current with the sense of the vigor of society under the scheme of socialism, would be governed by the working class in what the proletariat appearsIn that call the labor state.


With a sense of supremacy over the previous state branded as capitalist. I think that their influences were a bit contradictory in the search for truth, due to the dialectic it is handled under a design in order to unite terms, in a method unit that provides the key of the real one, where reflection is capable of understandingThe truth by its own means and not in the conventional existing classes, contradictory making it clear dialectical materialism, it is guided by the material, not for the spiritual is a revolution of governed thought, since it allows man to free himself from nature wasMarx’s essence. It is very clear that Marxism was a current not with much successful those who assumed it.

The clear evidence itself of Marx’s work, but as a revolution of thought to break traditional currents, which went beyond an economic and political system, based on the relationship of society and its historical moments, so I say whatNext, the government system and the economic system mustSocieties evolve with them their technology, quality of life and also their thinking of seeing the thing.

Since we live in a globalized world, which affects us in the influence of other cultures, technological, economic changes, which makes society develop within changes and with it its thoughts of seeing reality with other eyes. Rural exodus. The change in the mode of production causes a rural exodus, in the cities the industrial proletariat is formed, which worked up to 16 hours a day for minimum wages. The consequent impoverishment gives rise to the so -called "social issue". In his position of the economy he gave great contribution in its publication capital, where he gave manifesto in the expression of value, capital, money and the essence of all value of.

It could be discovered from the moment of human equality, on the other hand it conceptualizes the merchandise, as a general way that upholstered the products of work with an equal relationship, leaving an identity of income and control classes, framed by theAntagonism between social groups, following its philosophical current within a set where productive forces and production relations are linked, under the materialistic context. Continuing in this order of ideas, within Marxism the individual describes him free to take his choices and behaviors where all the ideas and beliefs converge specific to the social class unity. 


In conclusion, there is something that resists and forces us to doubt and consider problems the supposed finding of a definitive refutation of Marx and the end of history. Dead as dogma and party doctrine, dead as a succession of statements that must be taken to the letter, Marx’s thought resurrects in its classical quality and can function as a critical instrument of all alignments, as a privileged means for compressionof techniques, stories, ideology and the future of our world. Information consult in misery of philosophy by Karl Marx.


Karl Marx: Philosophy for young people for Ansgar Lorenz, Reiner Ruffing, 2018.

Misery of philosophy by Karl Marx, 2004.

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