Junk Food Disorders In Children

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Junk food disorders in children


In the document elaborated from the first and second deliverable we analyze related information regarding the problems facing Mexican and world children, it is to worry both for parents and us teachers, be informed of the risks that occur with our girls, boys and boysteenagers. Today, food is an issue that raises controversies and is found in everyone’s lips. 

The spectacular advances that have experienced food and nutrition sciences. A correct, varied and complete food is essential. A balanced diet whose most recognized model is the Mediterranean diet, which allows, on the one hand, that our body works normally and on the other, it prevents or at least reduces the risk of suffering certain alterations or diseases in the short and long term.


This information collected from a website gives us more detailed information and within the reach of our students and parents, it is important that the complete document is read to expand our panorama to the problem we have in front and we are all exposed. In another reference, remember what the alterations we can suffer and the DRA tells us. Mariana Hevia specialist in the subject. Eating disorders in children – early attention Seville. 

We must inform and guide parents about the recommendations made to us in the text published by the DRA. Mariana Hevia, is our responsibility as teachers to be aware of changes in our students and children. We all wonder what to do in a situation like this?, Many parents do not even know the concepts of food problems and believe that at home or with their children it will not pass.

Researchers have discovered that eating disorders are caused by a complex interaction of genetic, biological, psychological and social factors. But many questions continue unanswered. Researchers are trying to answer questions about genetics, brain function and behavior to better understand and control eating disorders. Neuroimaging tests and genetic studies also offer clues about how each person can respond to a specific treatment.

In Mexico we have the first place in child obesity worldwide, it is a first place and we should not be proud of them, on the contrary, we must eliminate this problem and, we ask ourselves. Obesity is a eating disorder? Childhood obesity is particularly problematic because the additional weight usually causes children to begin to have health problems that were previously considered exclusive to adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many obese children also have obesity in adulthood, especially if one or both parents are obese. Child obesity can also generate low self – esteem and depression.


They tell him junk food and it is not in vain, this food really affects the body negatively, in recent times a tendency towards obesity has been noticed in many populations. The composition of these foods is made of fat and sugars in large quantities that destroy our body. We are responsible for what our infants eat, let’s educate with good nut.


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