Jungs Plants In The World

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Jungs plants in the world


Throughout the world we can run into wide diversity both in fauna and in the flora, however, we must highlight the renowned jungle, this is one of the areas where our main material for human resources abounds, highlighting both food andMedicinal, as well as for example the use of latex that is extracted from some plants to make rubbers, toys, among other things, so your care is indispensable.


It should be noted that the jungle can be found in the intertropical areas, so it tends to be warm and humid, since this is very important for the plants that are in this area to remain alive, however, the ground that hasIt is not very fertile due to this same intense heat and moisture that is presence, because it tends to rain every 2 or 3 days, so it is normal to find plants that have adapted to this environment, some thanks to photosynthesis or by cannibalism. It can also be noted that thanks to the little access that the stems and branches of the trees grow straight, as well as they are more resistant to heat.

Type of plants you can find in the jungle

In the jungle we can find a great variety in the flora, standing out for being different both in its functions, components and colors. However, in the jungle there is not a very dense vegetation that we say but is composed of large trunks of trees that are characterized by being the primary forest and are the ones who give that symbolic shadow to the jungle. It should be noted that the most recognized plants are distributed in different jungles, such as in America, in Africa and in Asia, among them we have:

Bromelias del Amazonas

This plant can be found both on the ground, rocks and other plants. The most surprising thing is that this plant has more than 2.000 species, on the other hand, is one of the shelters of certain insects and aquatic species thanks to its great water collection, among them we have the frogs and their rebirth, salamanders, mosquito larvae, among others. On the other hand, it is very characteristic that they have different colors, which range from orange and red to purple and blue. Also one of the species of bromelia we know most are the bearers of the pineapple.


The orchids in addition to being a beautiful flower is one of the groups of plants with larger flowers in the jungle, its diversity varies both in its color and size, however, something very curious is that they are incredibly symmetrical compared to their center, which makes it very curious for people, just like many other plants you can find in rock, soil or in the trunks of the trees.


It tends to be a small bush or tree and is characterized by being the bearer of the substance most consumed by people, coffee. Its leaves tend to be elliptical and dark, and blooms from the third or fourth year, it provides a fruit called Drup which contains the characteristic seed that is coffee. In order for fruit coffea, it is necessarytimes before doing so.  

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