Jungle Animals

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Jungle animals


Jungle animals include some of the world’s largest and most unusual creatures, but what is a jungle? And what is the difference between a forest, a tropical jungle and a jungle?

The word forest basically means an area with a great density of trees. Forests can occur in low or high elevations, they can be relatively dry or very rainy and can basically have any temperature that still supports the growth of trees.


A mature forest is one that can have very large trees and many species of plants and wildlife, such as tropical jungles, or can be limited in the number of species of trees and wildlife, as is the case of coniferous forests thatThey are found in the very cold taiga regions of the world.

The term tropical jungle refers to a forest that receives a minimum of approximately 60 inches of total rain per year. There are two types of tropical jungles, temperate tropical jungles with moderate temperatures and even some snowfall, or tropical jungles that are near Ecuador and rarely descend below 60 degrees.

The tropical jungles are characterized by having a superior canopy of growth so dense that there is little sunlight to the ground. This means that young trees should grow with limited sunlight, and it also means that weeds in a tropical jungle is not particularly dense. It is generally easier to walk through a tropical jungle than by a jungle.

The jungle is a forest area that combines warmer temperatures and dense vegetation. The trees’s cup is not as thick in a jungle as in a tropical jungle, allowing sunlight to reach a majority of the ground.

Vines, shrubs, pastures and moss thrive in the lower third of the jungle, which hinders penetration on foot. The jungles, then, are simply warm forests that have a very dense vegetation in the forest floor . And here are some of the jungle animals that live there: Jungle animals

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Is the lion the king of the jungle?

The African lion is not a jungle animal. In fact, of the 20.000 lions that still live in the wild, only 250-300 Asian lions in danger of extinction live in the jungle of Gir de la India. These lions are smaller than the relative African lion living in the prairies of La Sabana.

However, several other great felines call home to the jungle. Bengal tigers, Leopard and Jaguares live in the jungles of three different continents and are the predators apex in those environments. The most notorious jungle animal of all these cats, the leopard, feels calmly in the trees, and although some dusty environments also call home, the jungle is where the leopard really shines.

Keep, silent, incredibly powerful, the leopard can hunt in the trees and is agile enough to pursue monkeys and other tree creatures above the jungle floor. The leopard is also an expert to stalk in the branch of a tree and then fall silently on the unsuspecting inhabitants of the jungle, such as goats and antelopes.

However, the leopard is better known for his habit something frightening to hang his prey to the trees branches. He does it to protect him from scavengers, and will kill several times to eat in the same tree branch, safe and comfortable under the green jungle canopy.

Restless is the jungle visitor who meets the body of a wild boar hanging from a tree. It only serves as evidence that the true king of the jungle stalks close … data from the jungle animals

All non -human apes are native to African jungles, except the orangutan, which is native to the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra. The chimpanzee and the east lowland gorilla live in the least wooded areas, and you can also find chimpanzees in the regions of La Sabana. The gorillas of the eastern and western mountains live in the jungles of Central Africa.

The orangutan lives in jungles and rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra and is the largest tree animal in the world. Trees are vital for their existence. All are severely affected by agriculture and deforestation and, tragically, all great apes are endangered species, except human beings.

The great non -human apes are some of the few animals, along with the whales and the elephants, which show an understanding of themselves similar to ours, and are our closest living relatives.

Only recently, in 2010, the forest elephant was recognized as a separate species of African elephant. The most common African elephant wanders for the dusty savannah, but the forest elephant lives in a remarkably dense weed of the African jungle.

Approximately 30% smaller than the typical African elephant, forest elephants rarely reach 8 feet on the shoulder, but they must still tighten through the thick weeds in the limits of the Sabana jungle. They live in smaller groups than their larger thicket elephants and have a different and more varied diet due to the richness of their jungle environment.

The forest elephant is vital for the development of shrubs and trees in the jungle, since they spend most of their days distributing seeds while looking for fruits. It is believed that they are the main seed distributor for several species of fruits, and that without a population of active and healthy forest elephants, conservationists believe there would be a great impact on the environment in which they live. In the typical circle of life, its manure also serves as a healthy fertilizer for the jungle they call home. The forest elephants are elusive and have not been studied or photographed to the same extent as the elephants of the African plains. Much of their lives is still a mystery – Jungle Animals


Although some say that there are no jungles in Australia, this may be a case of semantics with the word ‘shrub’ replaced by jungle, it does not matter, the edges of the Australian tropical jungles, particularly along the river roads, would be considered ajungle environment in most cultures.

All great apes, except humans, are native animals of the jungle. Most lions, also known as the king of the jungle, live in La Sabana. The jungle is a forest environment that has such a dense weed that it is difficult to penetrate without cutting it. The word jungle is often used as a metaphor of any rebel place. – Jungle animals

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