Juana De Arco In French Politics

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Juana de Arco in French politics


This work has a main objective, analyzing the influence by Juana de Arco towards French politics and determining the commitment he had with this nation, so the question to investigate is to what extent Juana of Arco influenced French politics? This question is very important since it will surely satisfy the desire to learn more about this subject, since thanks to this character the woman was positioned in a very important place.

From this information, interpretations of the facts will be analyzed, trying to obtain a very satisfactory conclusion, which answers the question.

For this research, two secondary sources will be used that these will be acquired from the Internet to learn more about the origin of this event. From this information, possible interpretations of the facts will be analyzed. The source explains about the great role that Juana de Arco played within French politics because she contributed to the different wars, she was even considered crazy, because she did something that no man dared to do for the good of her homeland.

  • Source I: Juana de Arco motives.

The purpose of this source is to make known that she promoted Juana de Arco to French politics, in addition what motivated Juana to get into the political and war, and to end up learning about her brave acts, she was one of themost representative characters within the history of the fifteenth century. This source is of great value since it tells us the events in a true and chronological way of how this event happened. This publication is very important since it highlights what a strange person was considered by the rest of society, since women were dedicated only to cooking or domestic chores but still she did not let himself be intimidated and fulfilled hertask.

  • Source II: Juana de Arco Life 

The purpose of this source is to public. This source has great value since it shows us in a true and systematic way the life and thought of the character. According to Galdu (2012) “Juana left anonymity more than 600 years ago to become a legend leaving her little village in Donrémy, in the Lorena region in France with only 17 years. She was nothing more than a peasant, pious and illiterate teenager, but she was convinced of her political mission and her sacred deed of her ". Here in this source indicates the humble origin and the thought it had, the ideals that he knew how to capture in politics and in the military sphere. 


Importance of women in French politics

It should be noted that through my research I could realize that several data and events characterized the society of that time, in addition to anywhere there are people who are in favor and others against and this is evidenced with the contribution of historianswho have wanted to do deep research about this great topic. Because as there were several social classes, these were given by the economic power they had which were:

  • Rich
  • Middle class
  • Slaves

The classes division is clearly evident according to the economic situation, highlighting that women clearly play a very important role within politics, and according to Barrios (2013): “During the 15th and 16th centuries in the families of high economic power inEurope women fulfilled an important role in politics. The most important from the succession point of view was to give heirs to the crown. In addition to the place occupied in the scenes of real power, as the king’s wife, they built power circles and influences. On the other hand, the women of the noble estate were also a fundamental part of family alliances since marriage, political, economic, religious and military power increases."On the other hand with the people who did not have so much economic power dedicated themselves to caring for the house, in case household chores, but why did Juana de Arco could enter the Navy? If she did not have a great social position, it was thanks to King Carlos V who put all the confidence in Juana’s shoulder since seeing the results of the different tests they did, she was considered worthy to be in command of the French armyAnd he did not disappoint the king since as she promised it was going to give peace of mind to French society with the end of the one hundred years against the English. But after these events despite giving France the total freedom she was betrayed, led to trial and killed at the stake. 

Juana de Arco’s life

Historians have different points of view about Juana de Arco, which makes a global vision of this topic difficult and thus have a better appreciation close to reality, when investigating on my subject I found a numbers of sources that explained aboutJuana de Arco’s life and in addition to this I have found data that most resemble how things had happened, data that make my research more reliable and I could measure the impact that Juana de Arco had on French society especially in the fieldpolitical.

Upon knowing the different views of the author of this publication, the same that falls within a thorough analysis, finally I understood that Juana de Arco throughout his life (1412-1431), had passed through facts that marked hisLife and made her mature quickly, she had said that she had seen San Miguel, Santa Catalina and Santa Margarita and said that these voices told her that a devout life was going to spend in which you could almost just do the chores of the house almost nothing, but then he was inclined to serve his people becoming part of the French army. Prince Carlos who was the one who reigned to France at that time did some previous exams and was accepted. Thus ending a war that hard a hundred years against the English. And because she only fulfilled the will of God, in addition to this she was a reference for both the political, historical for religion and faith, she was also considered a heroine since something culminated that no man could achieve.

To finish this issue it is very important since it indicates everything that had happened to be able to excel in different aspects, such as the knowledge of most people for participation in wars. Also thanks to her, women have proposed to participate in several things that previously only men could do it.

Hundred Years War

This war began when Guillermo the Duke of Normandy conquered the English throne in the battle of Hastings, in 1337 the English claimed the properties that were located in France, in addition to this there was a fact that affected France too much that it was the civil war andthat the Kings family had been divided by various factors but more in political ideologies and this claimed the lives of around one hundred thousand people. This archive also tells us that in this war there were several stages like this in the first of the work tells us that: “The need to dominate the sea by both sides made the first battle occur in the sea and in 134 the English squad beatto the French and thus owner of the sea ”(Universal History, S.F.). At this time a very disastrous disease occurred that was the black plague until 1335. As is known after all wars for both countries, both social and economic crisis begin. In England they were about to make King Ricardo II lose the crown but fortunately they could control the situation, instead in France King Carlos VI began to suffer crazy, since as mentioned above they suffered a civil war and this was calledThe War of Burgundy and Weapons. In the second stage of the war, Enrique V Rey who was in command of England took advantage. According to our research source, it indicates that (Universal History, S.F.) "Two years after this conflict he enters as King Enrique VI was considered the youngest king who has existed since it was 10 months of age instead Carlos VII was put as king in a dark village over Loira" at the end of thisstage the English realize that Enrique VI was legitimate king and said that Carlos was a liar and here this war began again causing the English to invade France. A girl appears who with only 17 years of age participated in a battle given in 1429 in Orleans she with a small group of soldiers and with God’s help made the English leave the city. 

To conclude Juana de Arco, he was considered a heroine for the French people but the great power he reached made the king fear and despite this was betrayed by him and his army, being sent to England to be judged by the Holy Inquisition that also alsoHe made history in European countries and after a "fair conviction" was sent to orca, punishments that were carried out at that time and in a few cases they were saved from the final decision.


In the final part I want to state that Juana de Arco since her birth became a warrior, forgot the prototypes of that society, based on too conservative principles "women to the house and men to the wars", but Juana did notIt imported this, according to her God’s call and was the chosen one, because he was going to end that one hundred years and that was how she began to perform the different tests to enter the military group. In addition to all this he had the support of Prince Carlos because he gave him his confidence despite being a woman he surely admired his courage. And this as it has been said throughout this investigation, she was the engine so that women can stand out in the different works that were previously carried out only by men. Juana de Arco had a great role in French politics since she made the hundred -year war end and contributed to France again to grow her territory. But despite the different contributions made to France, she was betrayed and killed in the Orca. In itself during the time he lived he contributed too much not only in politics but also in society, since he made the woman stand out too much. Despite everything she did, he gave us a great lesson which is to give all the best of us to be remembered for something good not for bad things, that we should not care what others say, if at the end ofAccounts This is our life and in such a way if we start doing something, we must end that in a magnificent way, and thus be remembered with the passing of the times. We must recognize the role that the historian plays is of the utmost importance that I have valued a lot when developing this research where you have to be very thorough to know how to identify reliable historical sources that support said information. In conclusion I think that woman is a fundamental piece within the history of nations, shows this precisely has been Juana de Arco and until today there are women with vast trajectory and lead to entire nations.


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  • Galdu, a. (May 30, 2012). Obtained from http: // archehistory.com/Juana-de-Arco-La-Visionaria-Heroina-Nacional-7810
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