Juan Villoro: Hunger Pandemia Is Superior To That Of Coronavirus

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Juan Villoro: Hunger Pandemia is superior to that of Coronavirus

In an interview with Julio López on his YouTube channel, Julio Astillero, the writer, Juan Villoro, explained some of the reasons for confinement and the ways in which the federal government made the decision not to make a suspension of the rights of free traffic andallowed freedom of mobility with restrictions.

“Other countries made public physical confinement policies. The case of Italy Spain and France where people have been enclaustrada as was done in the Middle Ages. You couldn’t enter a city or could not enter an entire country. So this physical confinement has been another policy strategy. In Mexico, we have had a reaction that, it seems to me personally, it adapts a lot to our needs. Which is that of confinement, but not absolute (…) there are many people who do not go out to the street do not eat. The hunger pandemia is superior to that of the Coronavirus ”.

The writer and journalist also, recognized with the Herralde Award in 2004, reiterated that the best reaction within this confinement was to combine the departure of people who have the need to live day by day with the enclaustration of people who have no needto make a living in the same way. For the writer this was a success of public policies: “Public policy as a whole, it seemed to me that it adjusted to our circumstances. Now it remains to be seen if this is a good response compared to that of other countries ”.

Before Julio López’s question about how he would react or how he would celebrate before the first hours of normal life as the expectation of any Mexican, the writer Juan Villoro replied:

“I believe that this rethinking and resigns the importance of the acts of presence. You mentioned the theater, when making the kind presentation of the things that I do that I dedicate myself. I believe that this is one of the ways to celebrate the presence what made the equivalent to the rite (…) the acts of presidency until communion with friends, hug us. I believe that caresses and kisses will be more important than ever. I will know how to resignify this sense of being together, ”he replied.

Finally, before Julio’s question about whether the Mexican intellectuality was reflecting on the subject and glimposing an immediate future after the pandemic crisis or if we are only observing the immediate or looking at the future, the writer responded.

“Many world -rank intellectuals have been wrong before the pandemic (…) so that sometimes the most qualified people to reflect are wrong about the immediate. I believe that we must obtain elections day by day of what is happening;For example, an important lesson is that certain countries are acting according to the need. Who was going to say that Donald Trump had policies by spending millions of dollars to unemployed. That was totally unthinkable. He is not doing for philanthropy or ideological conviction, he is doing it for subsistence ”.

The Mexican writer summarized this confinement period that we have survived thanks to entertainment and not just having food in the refrigerator. Since many people dedicated to art consume and create culture: “I believe that without culture we will not be able to survive. Our resistance is cultural, ”he concluded. 

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