Joseph Stalin Caused Holodomor In Ukraine

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Joseph Stalin caused Holodomor in Ukraine

In 1928 Stalin proposed a new strategy to improve industrial production, which had been roughing after the Russian civil war. Since Stalin decides to establish the first five -year plan with the objective of strengthening the economy of the USSR, through rapid collectivization and industrialization. Superficially the plan was being successfully carried out because the expected results were being obtained. However, he was Acosta de los peasinos, especially the Ukrainians who were clear from their lands, or rather punished. Starting one of the most ruthless famines in history, which is given the name of "Holodomor" which means "hunger". The objective of this historical research is to answer the following question: How does the first five-year plan of Stalin influenced the Holodomor of the USSR in 1932-1933? Through an analysis of the different historians perspectives regarding the main cause of this possible mass homicide. Thus. To do this, the influence of Vladimir Lenin’s mandate will begin, continuing with the implementation of the first five -year plan and the first consequences ..

First, the causes that influenced the initiation of the Holodomor were several, however it is considered that the main reason was the first five -year plan imposed by Iosif Stalin. Therefore these facts must be contemplated since the time of the mandate of Vladimir Lenin. In 1917 Ukraine decided to fight to become an independent state through the Ukrainian Republic. However, during that same period, the historian Versiuk (2008) states that: “The Bolsheviks with Vladimir Lenin in front seized power in Russia, with the slogans of‘ The dictatorship of the proletariat ’and‘ Red terror ’”. In this way, Lenin was establishing the communist regime, in addition to the Ukraine Bolsheviks was conceptualized as the city with the greatest productivity in grains and silver in all of Russia, for this reason at the end of 1917 they declared war on Ukraine for the independence of the independence of the independence of the independence of the independence of the independence of the same. Since then Ukraine and Russia do not have the same relationship again causing them to even rivalries between the two.

From 1921 to 1928 in the period of the new economic policy (NEP), the financial situation improved to a large extent, due to the fact that it allowed peasants to increase the volume of crops. “The theoretical argument by which the restoration of the law of value in socialism could be summed up thus; In the Soviet economy, the terrain for the action of the Value Law has subsisted (and subsist) ”(Ortega, 1994). It is for this reason that Stalin proposes a new strategy to improve industrial production that had been completely devastated after the Russian civil war. Since he establishes the first five -year plan with the objective of improving the economy of the USSR through collectivization and industrialization.

Thus, through collectivization, all Ukraine farms were taken through violent repression. Therefore, most peasants began to resist and the communist regime took measures of oppression, therefore the historian Alekseyenko (S.f) He mentions: "In 1932 Stalin decided to overcome Ukrainian farmers through hunger and thus break the Ukrainian national rebirth that had begun in the 20s". This did with the intention of harassing Ukrainian resistance to become an independent state. It should be noted that the archaic Ukrainian culture reserved as a custom the maintenance of independent farms, which was totally contradictory to communist ideology. Further causing the enmity of the Bolsheviks towards the Ukrainian inhabitants. 

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