John Steinbeck In The Century Of Vanguardization

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John Steinbeck in the Century of Vanguardization

John Ernst Steinbeck, JR. He was born on February 27, 1902;The time when he lived, the twentieth century, is called "the century of avant -garde". These years were determined by the advances in technology, science and medicine, the liberation of women in many countries, the development of industry, the end of slavery;Several events such as World War II also happened. John lived most of his life in Salinas, United States, during that time,. UU. He participated in the Korean War (1950 to 1953), the Vietnam War, (1955 until 1975), entered World War II in 1941 ..

When to his biography, Steinbeck had a life without many mishaps, but it was not entirely perfect: he studied at Stanford University without the opportunity to graduate;Throughout his existence John lost everything’s money and his woman moved to a cabin of his father, while he lived in poverty, he earned a living fishing to survive to survive. John Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962 and once they tried to steal it. He had two children named John and Thomas. He died on December 20, 1968 in New York.

The main theme of the pearl is poverty, since an affable family without any goods, has to get ahead, another important issue is the search for wealth through pearl, greed and injustice, since by possessing the pearl, Kino becomes greedy with others and with himself.

The pearl, deals with a poor family of fishermen which lived in a village without wealth in which the inhabitants earned a life fishing and selling the treasures they found at the bottom of the sea;The story begins one morning when the quiet family was at home, however when taking a look at the cradle of their son Coyotito they saw a rowing scorpion heading towards the child;that in the end I end up inserting the poison. The marriage was running towards the hospital, but the doctor did not want to cure him at least that they had money. Kino went in search of a pearl to the sea to be able to sell it and ended up finding a call "pearl of the world", the greatest I could have seen. After the finding, Kino saw his best wishes, his wedding and coyotito, taking school having a good education.

The doctor was willing to cure the bite of Coyotito and have his reward, but Kino mentioned that he would give him what he owed when he had sold it. That night they tried to steal the pearl, but he managed to defend her and the thief fled. The next day Kino went to sell the pearl, but of the few prices they offered, he refused;At that moment they called three buyers and announced that the pearl had no great value and Kino rejected sales.

Juana, she always agreed that the pearl was cursed and the little importance she had, one night she decided to throw her into the sea, but her husband stopped her and attacked her, that same afternoon when the marriage returned home they felt that a manHe followed them, Kino attacked him with a knife and the bandit fell to the ground. Kino wanted to take his boat to escape and found her beaten in addition to her burning house;The family quickly hiding for a day at his brother Juan Tomás.

The next day, the three said goodbye to Juan Tomás and his wife Apollonia and left north to flee everyone who persecuted them. They descended in the mountains away from the capital to which they were heading, and discovered that they were being observed by two men and a rider with a rifle, the family tried to escape and Juana and Coyotito got into a cave to Kino, attack. Kino attacked the armed man and the other two fled, but at that time he heard a bullet in the cave where Juana and her son were;He ran to see what happened and saw the head of Coyotito departed in two and next to his woman crying desperately.

Then, the marriage returned to the town, forgetting what happened;Kino proved Juana, that her pearl was evil and he ended up throwing her into the sea where she plunged and never saw her again.

Finally, to give him his personal touch, John. S decided to add some features of his life to the book: at the beginning of the story, we identified that Kino is a poor man who lived in a rural cabin, just like Steinbeck for a moment of his life lost all his wealth and had to stay in abooth that belonged to his father;We can also see that they both had a dog as a pet and needed fishing to survive. Also the children of Steinbeck, were called John and Thomas, that is to say "Juan and Tomás" we know that the writer wanted to name the protagonist’s brother thus;We even find out that this has four children what is the exact number of children the author’s father has.

At the time of the legend in which Kino sees his greatest desires in La Perla, at the same time he imagines himself holding a rifle, so that the creator of the text had a collection of rifles. Another thing we can reflect would be that John had a good education, but without graduation and Kino had always wanted a good teaching for Coyotito, although in the end that does not happen. When he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, Steinbeck was blatantly criticized by his surroundings and once they tried to steal it, we relate it to see that Kino was judged by many people when they found the pearl and one night they tried to steal it.

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