Jesus Is The Messiah Of Mercy

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Jesus is the Messiah of Mercy


The person of Jesus impacts not only with his way of speaking and presenting the doctrine. The signs that Jesus carries out testifying that the father has sent him, a way to validate his doctrine. Considered by his listeners as a healer. His words were accompanied by numerous my miracle, wonders and signs that state that the kingdom is present in it. They witness that Jesus is the messiah announced. Everything Jesus did, said and suffered, was intended to restore the fallen man in his vocation. 

The good news of Jesus for men and women of our time. Jesus does not offer remedies to solve a social problem. The sick are approaching to cure them from their root. Does not seek only a physical improvement. The healing of the organism is included in a more comprehensive and deep healing. Jesus does not heal just diseases. Heal the sick life. Has its own style of cure.


Does not resort to strange forces or pronounces evocations or secret formulas. His love passionate to life, his endearing reception to each patient, his strength to regenerate the best of each person, his ability to infect their faith in God created the conditions that made healing possible. Free the patients from loneliness and distrust by spreading their absolute faith in God. A faith in the merciful love God.

Contrary to other biblical stories of the Old Testament its healing action does not intend the way and way in which the disease was lived in those remote places, attributed at all times as punishment for having broken the law and in response to this the pain not only of aillness and what to assume this. If not, in turn created a break with any family and community bond. 

The disease is not just a biological event. At the same time it is an experience that the patient interprets, lives and suffers according to the cultural model of the society in which he is immersed. These men, women and children distinguish their illness not only as a condition, but as an impossibility to live like others and in turn they feel despised by God.

The misfortune of these patients does not consist so much in the evil that physically tears their body as in the shame and degradation of feeling impure and disgusting individuals to whom everyone avoids. Its authentic drama is not being able to lead a social life, is to be condemned to confinement. These patients from Galilee, like those of all times, asked the question that sprouts spontaneously from all serious illness: why? Those men and women did not consider their evil from a medical point of view, but religious.

What these patients ambition is not only the healing of an evil, but to be able to enjoy as the others of a fuller life. The lepers suffered their disease differently. These patients, treated as abandoned by God, cause within the chosen people discomfort and consternation. Why does God not bless you like others? Why do you withdraw your life breath? Probably his life does not please him. Therefore, his presence in the Holy People of God must be monitored. It is better to have them excluded to a greater or lesser degree of religious and social coexistence.

It will not be sent to seek the origin of your disease in any organic factor;They are worried about everything that evil means. If God, the creator of life, is withdrawing their living spirit, is a sign that he is abandoning them. Why? According to the Semita Mentality, God is at the origin of health and disease. He has everything as lord of life and death. 

That is why Israelites understand that a strong and vigorous life is a life blessed by God;A sick, listed or mutilated life is a curse. In the villages that Jesus visited, people ordinary in blindness, leprosy or any other type of serious illness for God’s punishment for some sin or infidelity. On the contrary, healing was always seen as a blessing from God.

Those infected with whom Jesus approaches suffer from evils of a homeless and underdeveloped country: among them there are no seers, disagreeable, deaf -mute, leprosy, and skin diseases, upset. Many are evicted, homeless to their fate and unable to earn sustenance;They live by pushing their life in a poverty situation that caresses the misfortune and hunger. Jesus stumbles them through the streets, at the door of the villages or in the synagogues, trying to disturb the people of the people.


The miracles of Jesus are the prodigious facts attributed to Jesus Christ in the course of their earthly life that have the effect of verifying the faith of the beneficiaries and those around them validating their divinity thus. His motivation was mercy;Most of Christ’s miracles were works of mercy. They were not performed with a view to overwhelming men for the feeling of superiority, but showing compassion for sinful and afflicted humanity. Redemption is a work of mercy, and miracles reveal the mercy of God in the work of his incarnate son.

Miracles are an advance of salvation, in addition to being a call to faith. Jesus does not develop any discourse on health, but, in the light of God’s project, where the human being emerges as healthy, undertakes in regenerating health both in individuals. Jesus’ miracles are an experience of truth about himself and his doctrine. At the beginning of his activity, Jesus affirms of himself that he has the power of God to forgive sins, and to show it he performs a work worthy of God and not of man.  

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