Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, The Best Perfumer Of All Time

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Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the best perfumer of all time

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the best perfumer of all time, a genius, simply the teacher. This is the protagonist of the novel ‘’ The perfume ’’ written by Patrick Suskind was a German writer who was born in the Bavarian town of Ambach Süskind, from 1968 to 1974 he studied medieval and modern history in Munich and Aix-en-Provence. His great works report around the isolation of the human in society, and during the 80s he collaborated in large television scripts. In political matters, the First and Second World War was carried out, the revolution of European countries;In Germany, Nazism and fascism arose and came to power in Italy. It was carried out in the Civil War of Spain, the big problem of nuclear holocaust, the Korean war, Vietnam, La Fría and also began to recognize the right of women and the child in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The author is German and this is the first novel, who writes that it has been very successful. Grenouille, born in a not very pleasant place where everyone smells bad and does not care about the smell, a fish market in the center of Paris, Grenouille is born gifted and different from others, he can smell everything and has a great smell. Jean-Baptiste’s mother demonstrates to be an ambitious woman who does not give great importance to feelings, since she acts only for her benefit;Maybe from her, Jean-Baptiste, has inherited the same meaning. The fact that his mother was about to kill him, since he already did it on four different occasions and accidentally survives, indicates that Grenouille was predestined to be what it was. Start working as an assistant for perfumer reputables, and also doing other jobs related to his work. The protagonist will travel several cities in France, even becomes isolated in a cave for a little less than a decade, this is not wanting to be close to the smell of the human being, since it seemed like nothing pleasant.

The famous people who are seen today in the modern world have reached where they are at the cost of their sacrifice and effort. Grenouille does not go far because he suddenly has decided to be a perfumer. He was born with a great smell and his only obsession became creation perfumes, since he caught odors from large distances. A great example of how it starts from scratch to reach the top, is my idol and footballer Leonel Messi. I have dared to compare these two characters because both are born bad circumstances and as lower class people. And step by step demonstrating what they know how to do, they reach the top. Of course, without anyone’s help, and that makes it more difficult to overcome the difficulties that are going through every day. Grenouille receives help from many people, since, without it, I would never have reached where I arrived. What would have been of Grenouille if he had not reached the religious institution he went to, it is not that this is the great factor through which he got away, but of course he greatly influenced his life, since one of the murders is describedof virgin girls, of which Grenouille extracts the essence that is the star and important ingredient of his perfume.

Grenouille was despised by many, hated and nobody wanted him. The author quickly shows it to us, since with some strong language they used against Grenouille, who until always called him by some ugly name. Not even he wanted himself when he also realizes that he does not have his own smell, he has that something that makes him special. Since seeing the protagonist’s evolution he was going to create a great envy, he will be hated and they will be jealous, but Grenouille was that boy who had something that others did not have, and for that reason others were afraid of him and it wasn’tDear, this is what makes it special too. The fact that Grenouille is hated and still continues with his life regardless of anyone, it is important in the sense that it is difficult to live without socializing with the other people around him, but this character does.

Thanks to the great father Terrier, Grenouille was given to Gaillard, who for eight years has endured him, perhaps it was because his sense of smell was very good and he understood Jean Baptiste very well. Then he was sent to Grimal, that if he hadn’t found him the great meaning of his life. Although with him I had to work as a beast, but this was very good because he learned what hard and mature work is, he knew the value of sacrifice and effort.  This is also very important in the life of the protagonist, since, if he did not find the meaning of his life, he was going to continue living meaningless for many more years. When he finds a meaning in his lifestyle, everything begins to change, since everything begins to clarify, it is then sold to the best perfume in Europe called Giuseppe Baldini. With Baldini, Grenouille came to learn all the formulas, techniques, and what is necessary to be the best perfumer. With this great character the author has created a great demonstration of the competition in that time in Europe for being the best in everything. Baldini was jealous he had a great envy for Pelisier and was an imitator of his, since Grenouille was abandoning his owners, it was the destiny that Grenouille faced without intention and for each person who passed or shared with him a great time, he wasThey died or something bad happened to them, it was a curse that was destined for them.

What caused Grenouille. He fixes it and presents him to the people of the town. Grenouille was not as despised by people as it was before. This gave great confidence to continue with his way.

But not everything is a coincidence you should make sense, Grenouille was aimed only with his genius and ideas towards the top of attraction. Behind everything good should always have something wrong, behind that great perfumeist genius, there was a disastrous and cruel murderer, since, if they had not caught it, he could not have demonstrated his genius of perfume that later fell in love with the entire populationof France who came to see their murder.  When smelling the perfume that has sprouted in his neck, people believe in Grenouille and become different, an orgy is formed, but nobody pays attention to him, he does not feel the love for how Grenouille was waiting for him.

The end of this great book is tragic and also very sad, but shocking, reveals what was the only way in which Grenouille, who had managed to create the best perfume in history for its unique essence, could be like everyone else. In my opinion the protagonist had many falls during the book, more falls than triumphs. It is demonstrated because Grenouille always lived in a world of suffering, and when he could finally be happy, in the end, he could not be.  I am very sad that Grenouille ended up dead in this way, he was seen as an angel not only for women but even for men, but he was once forgotten. But this greatly influences, since the protagonist begins with a low level of lifestyle very different and rare to that of others, and ends up achieving what he proposed and what he always wanted.

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