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Jealousy today

 Jealousy has been a feeling that has always existed throughout humanity, the human being is jealous since it is a feeling that is a feelings that we all carry like any other. It is important to find the causes for which they appear and that different ways have manifested themselves at different times.

Jealousy is a disorder expressed in three emotional, behavioral and cognitive levels.

Each person has different ways of thinking, it depends on their culture, childhood, beliefs, this will be expressed this feeling. It is also associated with distrust, fear, insecurity, they seek refuge in them or seek to replace the role of mother or father in their partners. They feel that without them life runs out, and they become manipulators, threatening that if they do not return they go to their own life, against that of their partner or relatives close to them, this with the idea or fear of being deceived.

With the passage of time this feeling has been transformed into equal behavior, that both women and man express it, since in past times man was the only one who felt right to claim or mistreat women. Some do not know how to handle them what has led them to attack or on many occasions to kill the other.Now everything has taken a turn, a man’s abuse towards a woman or vice versa This misconduct is punished by law .

Jealousy not only feel it towards their partner, too, towards a family friend among others, but according to scientists, the lack of interest or loss of a friend, can hurt much more than a love break, this is given why they areaccustomed to couples arriving and marching, but a friend is forever .

This is very complicated to control, there are different types of sickly jealousy, hobbies, foolish for shame or attracting attention, it is a very important issue since if this feeling is not controlled in a moderate way, you can get to makeactions that we do not know how to control at the moment and of which perhaps, you can regret later when you reflect calmly. This is described by Maicol68 in an essay published on Google in 2016.

I agree with him, since many people believe they owns others for the simple fact of having a love link, thus justifying their actions, which often have fatal consequences. They become narcissistic and self-centered seeking to meet their needs, reaching some actions such as: if this person does not constantly maintain affection, this means that there is a third person;And all this can lead to strong emotional instability .

At present, jealousy continues.  

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