Jazz And Its Diversity Of Rhythms

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Jazz and its diversity of rhythms


Jazz is a genre that arose from various African -American rhythms and melodies at the end of the 19th century in the United States, and gradually shaped the twentieth century expanded throughout the world. The main characteristic of jazz is that it does not stick structured to a score, but is based on improvisation and free interpretation. Although other instruments could be used, music was mainly directed for piano. 


With this rhythm, notes were accentuated that usually did not have it, generating unconventional music. New Orleans jazz originated from metal instruments bands, thus making instruments such as the bugle (trumpet) became essential instruments for jazz. Musicians generally made Ragtime mixtures with folded notes and blues chords. 

The instruments were the main jazz attribute. Chicago – New York. The main changes of the Chicago bands to those of New Orleans were the addition of the solo figure.  The bass was replaced by a guitar, the saxophone was added, and the 4/4 to 2/4 times were changed. Louis Armstrong was one of the pioneer soloists of jazz. It was a figure for which people changed the way they touched their instruments and sang for what was quite recognized. 

From Chicago Jazz migrated to New York where new piano additions were made. Large bands began playing in New York which propelled the era of Big Band. Swing and the era of Big Band. Before the emergence of Big Band, jazz was associated with African -American culture, but after this it had a more loose style called swing which was very danceable, which caught the attention of the white population. 

The bebop emerged from traditional Big Band musicians who got together to experiment with sounds, thus this rhythm is mainly characterized by improvisation and unbridled rhythm. Cool was the counterpart to Bebop, since, on the contrary, of the bebop that was frantic and unbridled, cool was more relaxing music. Hard Bop, because cool was too classical music.


The hard bob brought back the jazz blues style – Afro. Free Jazz, jazz had musical limitations that were annulled with the arrival of the free jazz that was based on sounds. Fusion, after the constant changes that jazz had over time, jazz began to work with other genres, mainly rock and funk.

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