Jardínes With Flowers Regardless Of The Season

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Jardínes with flowers regardless of the season


Spring is the par excellence where plants flourish. Many people do an excellent care and conservation work for the rest of the months so that when the first rays of sun have a divine garden. However, what many do not know is that there are flowers with flowers throughout the year. Plants with flowers that endure all year. Flower plants that last all year have the power to resist low temperatures, hence they can flourish in cold times.


Joys;This plant has flowers of different colors. To keep them, it is essential that they are located in a home stay that has a lot of light. It is also one of the flower plants that do not have to be in air currents. You have to be careful and not leave this plant without water so you can endure well. White, red or pink are the most common tones of these flowers. Geraniums;The beauty of geraniums make it a very recurring plant in various balconies of many houses. 

One of the characteristics of these flowers is that they remain throughout the year.  They also do not need many care, since it is an exterior plant. In the heat months, it is essential to water the geraniums practically every day. Likewise, they must be paid once a month for the roots to nourish from minerals and vitamins that allow these plants to flourish correctly. African violet;The African violet is an interior plant that also blooms throughout the year. Of course, an area with abundant light must be placed to benefit its growth.

In the hot times, you have to water it 3 times a week. On the contrary, in the cold months it is only necessary for 1 time every 7 days. In addition, a fertilizer should be applied every 2 weeks. Begonias;One of the most beautiful flowers and that provide light and color to any garden or terrace are the Begonias. The flowers are large and the very varied tones. They also require a lot of lighting and their irrigation must be moderate. It must be marked to the begonias 1 time every 2 weeks, although without exceeding so as not to spoil them. Cyclamen;White is the color that is most used from cyclamen to decorate the house. 


With regard to this plant, it also blooms in summer and winter and can be found in different living shades. Carnation;The carnation is a plant that can be had both in the garden and in a pot. In this, different colors are intended, which give it a characteristic aspect.  For support, daily irrigation is required and exposed to the sun, at least 6 hours per day. Lavender;Lavender is a plant well known for its excellent aroma. It is also used in various cosmetics, hygiene products and blooms throughout the year.

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