Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


Jane Eyre is a work belonging to the universal classical genre to which the novels in turn belong to this is published in the year of 1847 by the Smith publishing house, Elder & Company mentioning that the work maintains a feminist type character, since it deals with Recalcar above all the rights that a woman must maintain over an exclusive society, the main character in this work is Jane Eyre an innocent orphan infant, to which she is intended to live in an orphanage which is in full full conditions of miseries and deprivations of almost everything at all, but it is thanks to this that this little one emanates an amazing will When he decides to abandon the orphanage, becoming a governess of a wealthy infant to which he educates with all his knowledge and values, starting a new adventure of life.

The education and physical attraction of the opposite sex are presented during Jane’s new adventure of life, since Adela, the wealthy little one from which she is an educator resides in the house of Mr. Rochester, a high -social man of a high social class but without leaving His humble side by captivating Jane respect for his respect, which after confessing his love in an open and without risks he finds out that the latter maintains valid marriage votes, which breaks Jane’s emotional stability, forcing her to flee from that place , leaving with his educanda and his frustrated love, within this part in turn the issues such as betrayal and disappointment emerge, the reader through oral activity is able to perceive these emotional feelings or variations of Jane, since thanks to Being written in the first person is Jane who tells each event, and that is why the narrative voice forces the reader to enter the work like Jane, leaving aside the stereotypes of a LECT Ura superficial.

The reader perceives Jane’s emotions in a lively and existential way, thanks to the events that within this happen, this is how Jane after fleeing from that place, meets a religious, which invites her to a trip to India, and this is where the reader is aware that a young woman who has not maintained any specialized preparation is capable of going towards unattainable goals, only with mutual will and hope towards her and her spirit of yearning to be great, duringHis trip to India, the priest proposes a new life, knowing new parts with the only intention, is being married and going as spouses to India, which surprises Jane, and without any reason to accept or optionsalternate decides to return to Adele’s house, the girl who left a while ago.

“Life is too short to lose it in children’s hatred and grievance memories.”Charlotte Brontë

It is thanks to the phrase that is discursive by the author that it is possibleJane fell out of how she was treated in the past by her family, the exclusion to which she was constantly thrown, with the intention of creating a repressed and weak girl, since during her time there was no recognition towards a woman, exceptThose of high social classes, the memories of grievances, can be exemplified with the love disappointment of Mister Rochester which affected him too much during that time, the author reflects her phrases within the work, letting the reader decide if the author is a character a characterWithin the work or it is only a coincidence of discourse out of context. 

As well as the set of adverse emotions to the proposal of the priest which forces Jane to get away from that exit door to another world, leaving aside his old love, and it is thanks to this that he returns to recover what he should never have moved awayof their life. Similarly, Mr. Rochester presents feelings of disappointment upon learning that his fiance fooled him, this is how he decides to move away just like Jane of his love, facing with him the lover of his fiancee whom he hurts during his confrontation, and throwing from his lifeHis wife of his life, but without neglectAgainst the house of the latter burning it completely, an action that determines the exclusion of the knowledge of the origin of the fire so Mister Rochester comments that it was only a reaction to a candle on but not an attempt to murder by ancientwife.

The emotional variations caused in the reader force this to follow the plot of the novel, representing Jane in the first From the work, Jane Eyre is a work full of issues that resemble those who a woman takes in her daily life, since the intention she was written with was totally to show that women can also be part of a macho society existing at that time, demonstrating with her that Jane even though she lived inside an orphanage to be someone very notable within the life of the characters around her, Jane Eyre demonstrates within the reader the ability to quickly understand And in the long term each cultural and contextual situation that reflects the work in real life, love, betrayal, disappointment and bullying, taking up the author’s words, you are tctions did not let Jane Eyre leave her goals aside, rather motivated her to get them, determining her as the character that maintains the most importance within the work, because it is thanks to her that transmits each and every one of her emotions, claiming Personal way that falls in love with its character and strength and encouragement.

Do you think that because I am poor, little known, unattractive and small, I have no soul and I have no heart? You think badly! I have as much soul like you and full of pure heart! And if God had endowed me with some beauty and a lot of wealth, it would have been so difficult for you to leave me, as is now for me to leave you. I am not talking to you now through the custom, conventionalities, not even of mortal flesh: it is my spirit that deals with your spirit, as if both had passed through the grave, and they were located at the feet of God, the same – the same – the same -As we are! Jane Eyre, Chapter 13, Part 2.

Taking as reference the following appointment, Jane proves to be a humble young woman, but with totally honest and pure values, wanting to get ahead and fight for her reputation, as well as defend her rights of equality, because it is seen that she exclaims that al As with whom he has heart and soul, and he must receive the same privileges that are granted, because what this novel tries to highlight in each chapter is the right to be received as any man and have the same privileges as one, Jane also also Within this paragraph an atmosphere of totally pure and innocent love emanates because it tells Mr. Rochester, that whoever now speaks with him is his spirit but his physical being, is an appeal that demonstrates that the love that Jane feels is totally pure and Honest for with him and Mr. Rochester, the latter alleges that his love moves away from the carnal and the material because it is something he does not seek in his future, and for those who decide to be superficially, it is a Lugo that does not last for long.

In conclusion, within the work, different issues are rescued, but those that maintain the greatest relevance within Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë have been highlighted to the cultural and contextual understanding of the work, since thanks to them the reader Define staying inside the plot, in addition to having a narrative voice which belongs to the work in a main way leaving the reader as the main character of the latter, thus destroying the line of separation between the imagination and the reality in which it is housed The reader, that is that the issues adhere to the reader’s lives leaving the free will to define the behavior of the characters for how the work develops with their advance and thereby discovering contextual understanding, which is to promote the Gender equality for both sexes, since during Jane’s time, the woman was excluded from jobs which were defined only for men, and status women Important coughs and families, within this one looks as an unrequited love can be devastating to its beginnings, because it is Jane’s example when he learns of Mr. Rochester’s lie, but thanks to this, the latter realizes that he is deceived For his wife and decides to leave her, and then Jane return and recover Rochester in serious conditions, forming a family by his side. Making it clear that Jane is a young man who despite her tormenting past does not let anything or anyone collapsed her hopes of life, leaving aside the sorrows and emerging as an radiant exemplary woman, breaking stereotypes to whom she remained tied and oppressed byYour conservative society.


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