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Jamaica is a real paradise in which you can live experiences as unique as swimming with horses. Without a doubt, a recommended excursion for everyone, but especially for those couples who want to share a romantic moment. Do you dare to meet her? We tell you more about the activity in this post. Walk and nothing on horseback in Jamaica you can hire various tours to discover Jamaica’s history and culture about a horse. The route can be about two and a half hours and at a price of seventy euros approximate. 


Once signed it is time to walk along the island’s natural paths and obtain spectacular views of the cliffs and the Caribbean Sea until you reach a private beach. It is where an exciting journey begins with the warm waters of the place. That is, where one can bathe on the back of a horse. The tour also allows more in depth to know Bahía Montego, considered the ‘second city’ of Jamaica, as well as the capital of the tourism sector. It highlights its paradisiacas beaches or falmouth, a small coastal town. It should be said that to live the adventure it is not necessary to have any experience.

Because the horses are perfectly trained and the guides are attentive at all times so that the walk is as pleasant as possible. Therefore, there is no excuse not to hire the activity that, in addition, is not something that can be done anywhere. Nothing with other animals in Jamaica In addition to swimming with horses, in the Caribbean country that concerns us you can do the same with Delfines. For this we just have to go to Dolphin Cove, in Lucea, the largest natural lagoon in the world of these animals. The encounter lasts a half hour and at that time it is possible to interact with them or take pictures.

Those who prefer stronger emotions can swim with sharks or blankets. Although the strong thing is relative, because the shades are of slow movement and harmless to human beings, while the blankets lack bar. Experience can be lived in Dolphin Cove Montego Bay, in Treasure Reef. To discover more than the marine life of the place it is advisable. The latter allows you to swim near the turtles while enjoying a landscape of great beauty. 

Other romantic experiences for couples in Jamaica in case all of the above were not enough, those who travel as a couple to Jamaica and want to have an experience of the most romantic can also immerse themselves at night in the Glistening Waters lagoon, in Falmouth. Its water, when stirred, emits a kind of phosphorescent light as a consequence of the microscopic organisms that inhabit it. We pass the LEAP LEAP, at St. Elizabeth, which offers unbeatable views and hides a legend according to which two young lovers, during the days of slavery, looked hidden in a plantation. 


When they were going to be separated by the land owner, they decided to jump from the cliff caught hand in hand and thus seal their eternal love. Other romantic activities to perform in Jamaica are those navigating in raft by the Martha Brae River, making a cruise, organizing a dinner on a beach under the moonlight; or photograph on Tensing Pen, a bridge that joins two cliffs in front of the Caribbean Sea; or in YS Falls, a series of eight waterfalls wrapped in limestone cliffs. We hope you have been able to verify that Jamaica is an ideal destination for a couple getaway, because it allows numerous tourist possibilities, starting with taking a walk and swimming on horseback.

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