It Was Romantic: Rima 41 Of Bécquer

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It was romantic: Rima 41 of Bécquer

"La Rima 41" by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

The text which I proceed to comment is a romantic era work called "La Rima 41" by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. Romanticism comes from England and Germany at the end of the 18th century. It was a revolutionary reaction against illustration and neoclassicism. Then it extended by France from the French Revolution in 1789. The creative self, the connection with nature, loneliness, evasion and the historical and the legendary are all the main key characteristics of romanticism. Some of those characteristics especially the connection with nature is present in this famous rhyme. During the era of romanticism that originated in the third decade of the 19th century, poetry and theatrical works were the center of the universe, attracting the entire population towards it. This poem belongs to the book "Legend and rhymes" by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, a poet of Sevillian origin.

Bécquer, was both a writer, journalist. In his works, they represent the love suffering that Bécquer had to deal during his daily life, and that suffering chased him until his sudden death with only 34 years and at that time the life expectancy was around 60 years. Bécquer wrote prose legends and rhymes in verse which was one of his most important works, which were the love feeling with a series of variety of stages, from success to a tragic disappointment or abandonment. The poem to comment is based on love disappointment expressing itself with an anguished tone.

Structure of "La Rima 41"

This poem reflects ended all the reasons why his love relationship broke and ended without any destination. The first characteristic is that it is written in verse since it is a rhyme. The poem has 3 magnificent stanzas which are composed of endecasyllable verses except one (the fourth) which is pentasyllable (broken verse of five syllables). In the verse of five syllables the essential concept of this rhyme is based, the conclusion of what is expressed in the poem. The odd verses are free but the pairs are enriched by assonant rhymes. In all verses except in 6 the only consonant of the rhyme is always repeated. Bécquer to fade the rhythm We can contemplate the heading used in most verses, the separation of words which are syntactically united in each final pause such as, enhiesta and rock or high and tower as we can see in the first stew.

In this poem, the incompatibility of characters is emphasized, which separate both lovers. The poem describes the character of both and its consequences that bring that difference of character between them. The structure in the first two stanzas is identical, both include the entries, the last verse is broken, and the statements in exclamations are exactly the same. The internal structure of this rhyme is divided into two parts. The first two stanzas reflect and represent brief metaphorical images which refer to the difference of character and their personalities of both lovers, which can be seen in the verses (1, 2, 5, 6). Verses 9 and 10 of the last stanza describes with short words the opposite personalities between them and the so little conciliatory way that both had when dealing with a couple conflict.

Literary figures in "La Rima 41"

This poem is full of literary figures despite being so brief:

  • In verses 1 and 5 the same syntactic structure is repeated in both stanzas forming a parallelism.
  • The following literary figure is epiphyme a literary figure not very common, is located in the broken verse. This final exclamatory phrase is used to what announced before.
  • The ellipsis is another literary figure, which is located in verse 9 and 11.
  • The precision, which identifies the quality with the person is what causes an ellipsis in both verses. The quiasm which is located in verse 11, having in the structure a more adjective or adjective noun more noun.
  • The antithesis is also identified in this poem, which is in the whole poem, repeating in the 3 stanzas the pronouns you and me, representing the confrontation between one and the other (the lovers).
  • There is a continuous metaphor in verses 1 and 5 representing natural phenomena as qualifying adjectives of lovers. The hurricane represents the impetuousness and impulsivity of women and the ocean represents the amount of energy it contains and its unsustainability. Bécquer describes himself as a stubborn, proud and firm person using the words Torre and Roca.
  • Then there is another metaphor in verse number 11 representing the conflict in its personal and especially loving relationship, which was inevitable due to the great difference of its characteristics contradicting each other.


Summary of "La Rima 41"

In this poem we can feel the tragic process of this break between his beloved and he, in a past and far time. Each verse in which it writes can be analyzed the causes of that conflict which is summarized in one, the contradictions between two strong and unable idiosyncrasy to deliver a single finger. Bécquer was a very proud man of himself as reflected in the poem and is represented with an impressive will. These two opposite personalities are compared to two very simple metaphors. This poem does not include a single reproach or any regret, it only reached a simple conclusion which was: "it could not be". 

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